Ah, dear students! I love you, but sometimes the things you say just crack me up! Or make me roll my eyes. And I will most definitely tease you if you say certain things.

Listed below are a few things I really have heard. Not today … not even yesterday … but I’ve heard ’em. The third is one I hear far too frequently, in fact!

  • “I threw up before I came here, but I’m fine now.”
  • “This way I get it over with sooner.” (Said to me when a student came to a morning lesson rather than the usual afternoon lesson.)
  • “Is this what you assigned?”
  • “I was too sick to go to school today.”
  • “I think so.” (The answer to my question, “Did you practice this?”)
  • “Maybe.” (Another answer to the same question as above.)
  • “Sort of.” (Yet another answer!)
  • “I didn’t practice that page because I didn’t like it.”

I should start writing these down as they are said, because I know there are more, but of course I’ve forgotten them!

Teaching brings me a lot of joy. It also tires me out a lot; I don’t coast through lessons and giving full attention to each student is draining. I’m thankful that I get to teach these students.

Even when they crack me up sometimes. 😎


  1. I heard this one yesterday; “My mom wouldn’t let me practice”. It was recanted a few minutes later when I wondered out loud whether I should go have a talk with her. This is a long time student who was half joking and we both laughed about it for a good 30 seconds. 🙂

  2. … and it’s good we can laugh about these, yes? I love having that sort of relationship with my students, and hope to always have that sort of connection. I love teaching them tremendously. (I really don’t want them to show up if they’ve just thrown up, though!)