I have always enjoyed Bart Schneemann’s oboe playing, ever since purchasing the CD It Takes Two. He’s a fine player, and seems to delve into a vast amount of music; old, new, he can do it!

I wish I could find something from It Takes Two, but I’m not seeing (or hearing) anything on YouTube yet. I’ll keep looking!

I can barely understand a word (although of course there are a few words I — and you two! — can clearly recognize) of this next video, but get a load of the double reed instrument!

So … anyone out there want to fill me in on what he’s saying?

And I’ve just ordered my copy of Melodies sans Paroles for Oboe & Piano (no language problems here; it’s all about the music!):


  1. Bart Schneemann has been a favorite of mine for a while now… thanks to his “It takes Two” CD! Glad to hear that you have discovered him, that CD in particular, and his wonderful playing.


  2. clumsy fingers tonight! didn’t even get my name right!

  3. Yep, I’ve had the “It takes Two” since it first came out … I can’t even remember how I found out about it, but I bought it immediately! SUCH a fun CD! 🙂

    … and I just figured you were changing your name. Everyone does that when they are stars, right? 😎

  4. I’ve been a Schneemann fan as well but didn’t know about “It takes Two”. Goodie, another treat. Thanks!

    Are those guys playing in the same high-rise studio as the Baryton ensemble from a couple of days back?

  5. It sure looks like it’s the came location to me, Bob! I think there are a lot of videos filmed there from the same group of people.