Megan will play, but only when she’s being bossed around a lot:

This dog mostly nose what he’s doing, but he ends a little on the sleepy side.

This one doesn’t bother to memorize, but we’ll forgive him, I think!:

This guy’s technique is rather messy, but he did dress for the occasion, so he gets a bit of credit for that!

But sorry, I’m just NOT buying this one. Really now ….


  1. Can you imagine maintaining an oboe embouchure with a dog singing along? It happened to me once when I was warming up for a worship service at my friend’s home. She had taught her little terrier to “sing” along with her harmonica, and when he heard my oboe he just couldn’t resist. He was banished from the room before the service started.

  2. Hah! Very funny, Bonney!

    Btw, did you attempt to connect with me via linkedin or whatever it’s called with me? If so, I apologize … I think I hit the wrong thing. If you want to redo it that would be fine by me! 🙂

  3. Yes, that was me – I’ll try again.

  4. Thanks! Sorry about my blunder!

  5. Were these the “Bark”maninoff Preludes? I’ve heard these guys before and believe me, their “Bach” is worse then their bite.