Yes, I’ve heard of Bruckner, but NEVER had I heard of Abendzauber before. Get this: “Among his most unusual and evocative compositions is the choral Abendzauber (1878) for tenor, yodelers and four alpine horns. It was never performed in Bruckner’s lifetime.”

Conductor: J. Böck
Soloist: J. Gisser
Vienna Vocalists, Ensemble of the Vienna State Opera Chorus
Horn ensemble of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra
3 Sopranos: Yuan Ming Song, Özlem Bulut, Jozefina Monarcha

I must say, though, that those don’t sound quite like yodelers I’ve heard before!


  1. Louise Pescetta

    Not to mention those don’t look like any alpenhorns I’ve ever seen–and I was sure hoping to see what four of them together would sound like. Oh, well. Nice piece though.

  2. It is a nice piece, isn’t it?