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… some of you might be wondering about the ™ that I put up by certain words or phrases sometimes. It’s really just a bit of a joke. I honestly don’t believe I am trademarking these things.

And, mostly, I love the way ™ looks.

Who wouldn’t?!

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Astor Piazzolla – Soledad (Accordion, violin, oboe, piano, bass)
Marius Stravinsky, violin; Eleonora Bekova, piano; Yuri Charyguine, accordion; Margherita Kalcheva, bass; John McDonough, oboe.

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Anyone read my new book??? >> “How to kill a rat with anoboe” giggle 🙂

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Yep … this is what I’m doing these days:

Gee, I can even hear the oboe sometimes. How ’bout that?!

Asked online:

How Do I Become a Professional Oboist?

I would love to become a professional oboist, and I believe now is the time I need to get my head in the game. All I’m asking for is some assistance on how to reach my goal. I attend Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, I’ve played oboe for 3 years [7th grade to 9th] and I’ve joined local bands, such as the Augusta Wind Conservatory & District Honor Band & All County Band. I believe its time for me to become more serious. The question is, how?

I am so very thankful I moved into this career when I did, landing my symphony job in 1975. It was easier then; there were fewer oboists, and there were orchestras that were newly formed, others that were moving from an amateur status to professional, and a good number of groups seemed to be improving and growing. It was just an easier time.

Now there are a lot more very fine oboists and a lot fewer jobs. It’s a tough time!

How would you answer this young oboist’s question?

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Snore Along With Ludwig

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I have had oboe concertos stuck in my head all morning. It really adds a sense of gravitas to office work

I only see this listing for players … so am I seeing and hearing wrong? (It CAN happen!) But in any case, this is a fun listen!

Here’s what the YouTube Video tells us:
A.CAMPRA’: chaconne from Le Carneval de Venise
Mark Radcliffe & Simone Zangani oboes
Davide Bettin & Giuseppe Nalin, oboi da caccia
Paolo Tognon & Claudio Verh, bassoons
Alberto Macchini, drums

… time lapse while I look at the next video …

Ah-hah! This one lists the flute …

J. P. KRIEGER: marche from Lustige Feld-partita
La Bande des Hautbois du Roy (dir. Paolo Tognon)

Ruggero Vartolo, Aviad Gershoni, oboi
Giuseppe Nalin, oboe da caccia
Paolo Tognon ed Oscar Meana, fagotti
Gianpaolo Capuzzo e Gregorio Carraro, flauti dritti
Alberto Macchini, percussioni

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Is there a diff? Marilyn Vos Savant says this:

None, really. Both of them play the same kind of music (baroque, classical, romantic, and modern) with the same instruments. The only difference, and it’s a slight one, is in the connotation of the names. “Philharmonic” sounds a bit more formal and implies that the orchestra arose from a society of music lovers. “Symphony” refers simply to the works that are played.

but then someone else replied with this:

Marilyn: I’m writing to add some information to your comments about the difference between a philharmonic orchestra and a symphony orchestra.(March 27, 2011) The historic difference between the two organizations lies in the financing when they were first formed. A symphony orchestra had fixed ticket pricing, and the musicians were paid contract rates. In a philharmonic orchestra, the audience contributed to an at-will donation and the amount that was collected was split among the musicians. Today, all orchestras use fixed ticketed pricing and musicians are paid at contract rates, so there is little difference between them other than their names.

These things I did not know. I’m still not sure I believe them.

I found them here and here.

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Finally picked an oboe solo… 13 days before contest…