When it’s in French it’s so much cooler, right? And get a load of 1:03

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… and now at least one of you (you know who you are!) will comment saying, “You don’t really fall for this ranking thing, do you?” and then I reply, “Not really, but still….” (So now you can neglect to comment and I won’t respond; see how easy that was?) But I was higher a while back. Now I’m dropping. I wish my weight would drop too. It only seems fair, you know?

1 Clef Notes
2 Sequenza21/
3 Opera Chic
4 Opera Today
5 Proper Discord
6 Sandow
7 The Opera Tattler
8 Adaptistration
9 Musical Assumptions
10 Nico Muhly
11 Ionarts
12 Michael Huebner’s Blog & Column – al.com
13 Of Music and Men
14 Andrew Patner: The View from Here
15 Eric Edberg
16 The Collaborative Piano Blog
17 oboeinsight
18 Summer is Coming In
19 Lynn Harrell
20 Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
21 A Beast in a Jungle
22 Chamber Music Today
23 The Classical Beat
24 Likely Impossibilities
25 The Stark Raving Cello Blog
26 Bryan Pinkall’s World of Opera
27 MusicaSacra
28 Violinist.com
29 Brian Dickie
30 AfriClassical

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Lotsa double reed sound goin’ on here!

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[name here] has decided that his oboe lesson is his weekly highpoint!

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I just read this and I had never connected the chorus to an oboe concerto …

Handel’s most popular oratorio was composed nine years before his death as a fundraiser for an orphanage in Dublin. He completed the piece in 30 days by using recycled material that he had composed years before.

“This was very common practice during the Baroque period,” said Doiron. “Only a few of the choruses and solos were original compositions specifically for the work. For example, the first chorus, ‘And the Glory of the Lord,’ was based on an oboe concerto composed 30 years prior.”

A Groovy Kind of Love
The King’s Singers

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Do you have some good synths or samplers? Sometimes it’s easier to kybd>MIDI>synth for oboe, etc. than to learn or hire. 🙂

(Please. No. When someone sends me a composition and I have to listen to a synth oboe I usually give up. Really.)

I do apologize … this video plays whether you want it to or not! Ack! I’ll probably take it down when I wake in the morning unless someone can tell me how to change things so it only plays when you click the play button. Just click the pause button if you don’t want to hear it for now, okay?

I read about it (and saw this video) here.