I do apologize … this video plays whether you want it to or not! Ack! I’ll probably take it down when I wake in the morning unless someone can tell me how to change things so it only plays when you click the play button. Just click the pause button if you don’t want to hear it for now, okay?

I read about it (and saw this video) here.


  1. This is SO COOL! It shows that classical music appeals to people who care to spare a little extra effort. Spiritual music for spiritual action!

  2. If you can edit the html for this page, there are a couple of places where you’ll find the text “auto_play=true&full_screen=true” ; it will be within the code for this video – just change the first “true” to false, so that it says “auto_play=false&full_screen=true”

    That should do the trick.

  3. I’d hang out at that dump! Well, maybe not…but if I had to hang out at a dump, this would definitely be in my top 5. 😉

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! (Can you tell I’m very thankful?!) That fixed it, Michael. I owe you.

    Hmmm. I could play you in one really horrible awful no-good oboe reed if you’d like. 😉

  5. I can see Dave now, Jillian. He’ll be weeping because he’s lost his wife to a dump. Or maybe he’ll get jazzed by it too and the family will move there. Hmm.

  6. Glad you liked it, Robin! I was pretty happy to have found it!