06. April 2011 · Comments Off on Operaplot 2011 · Categories: operaplot

So it’s about to begin again. The Omnicient Mussel has announced a lot about the twitter operaplot event, so check it out! April 11 through 15 are the dates, and the judge this year is Eric Owens! Here are the rules & FAQ.

Will I participate? Hmmm.


I feel as if I’m running on empty when it comes to all things creative and witty. Could it be that my pun ‘n poetry skill (which was already lacking last year) has totally disappeared? I wonder.

But time will tell. I didn’t think I’d participate last year either, and then I wound up jumping in with gusto. But Jonas Kaufmann didn’t like me. Sigh.

Yeah, I sort of took it personally. Rejection is a killer.