From Little Einsteins (who knew you could read transcripts of the show? Not I!):

00:02:24 Do you see little mouse?
00:02:28 there he is, on the xylophone.
00:02:35 Look, little mouse has a chunk of cheese for our rocket soup.
00:02:40 June: But he’s having a hard time carrying it.
00:02:43 Annie: That big cheese is too heavy for little mouse.
00:02:51 Quincy: Uh-oh.
00:02:51 The cheese fell inside that oboe.
00:02:56 [Oboe plays] June: Little mouse is going to jump inside the oboe to get the cheese.
00:03:02 Quincy: Be careful, little mouse.
00:03:07 June: Oh, no.
00:03:08 Little mouse and the cheese are stuck inside the oboe.
00:03:14 Don’t worry, little mouse.
00:03:16 I’ll get you out of the oboe.
00:03:18 I promise.
00:03:22 But how, quincy?
00:03:23 I can play the oboe to get little mouse unstuck.
00:03:28 If I play the oboe loud enough, it will push out little mouse andthe cheese.
00:03:35 June: Good plan, quincy.
00:03:36 Leo: Try it.
00:03:40 [Playing oboe] it’s working.
00:03:45 Little mouse is starting to come out of the oboe.
00:03:49 But I’m going to need your help to get him all the way out.
00:03:53 Hold up your oboe like me and wiggle your fingers to press the keys.
00:03:59 Now blow into the double reed.
00:04:01 [Playing] he’s almost out of the oboe.
00:04:08 Play really loudly.
00:04:11 Fortissimo!
00:04:18 We did it.
00:04:19 We got little mouse and the cheese out of the oboe.
00:04:26 Thanks, little mouse.
00:04:28 You were very brave.

Okay. That’s one stupid, non-Einsteinesque, little mouse.

And don’t you just hate it when cheese falls into your oboe?


  1. Well, that explains why I hear cheesy things coming OUT of the oboe on so many soundtracks to movies!

    [ducks and runs for cover 🙂 ]

  2. Ooh … someone’s lookin’ for trouble! 😉