11. April 2011 · 8 comments · Categories: Oboe

Anyone every played one of these? (You have to click on the “Our Oboes” link to see the instruments. These are new to me. I’m just curious if any reeders have tried ’em. Do tell!


  1. I hope they come to conference- I’d love to try one. I just brought a Baroque Oboe back from Tasmania and Dan Cartwright, the maker, said there are lots of Australian woods that are good for modern oboes as well. From what he said, it sounded like some of them would be more sustainable than grenadilla.

  2. Also- the Tasmanian wood my Baroque oboe is made from is gorgeous and sounds great. Interesting stuff!

  3. Ah, you’re going to Arizona this year? ONE of these years I have got to get to a conference. Sigh.

  4. SOOOO jealous! I really want to learn to play the Baroque oboe, Karen!

  5. I’m playing a piece I commissioned a couple years back on one of the mixed bill recitals. I can only go for a couple of days, but I’m excited to get what I can from it. I’ll try to do a video report.
    I also would like to learn Baroque oboe, having such a gorgeous instrument is inspiring me to get in gear about it! I think that will be my summer project.

  6. Fill me in on your Baroque oboe, if you don’t mind! What spurred you on to purchase one?

    I teach at UCSC and they have 2 there, I think; I should check ’em out and see if they are any good!

    Now where does one purchase Baroque oboe reeds? Or is it a must that you make them even while beginning the thing? Hmm?

  7. … and yes, I should just google all this information! 😛

  8. I’ve corresponded with Rob Stammers, who’s in charge of the manufacture of Tom Sparkes oboes. Unfortunately, he won’t be exhibiting at the IDRS conference this summer. Their Mulgawood oboes look gorgeous!!