18. April 2011 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

For those who are struggling with this template (how many of you are there?) I continue to search for a template that allows me to have the pull down menus above but that also works better on all browsers. I looked at this one on Firefox, Chrome and Safari and was surprised at the huge difference in Safari. While Firefox and Chrom show grey in the background on the left and right of the blogarea and sidebar areas Safari doesn’t. (So, you technically minded people, what does that mean? Is that a CSS or HTML problem, both of which mean nothing to me?) I don’t have access to IE, because I can’t find it for Mac any longer, so who knows what that looks like! Fill me in … take a screen shot or something if you feel like it.

I’m really into “clean” and ease of use — both for readers and for me (since I am a computer idiot). I’m also into making sure videos appear correctly, that the blog entry section works no matter the size of a computer or tablet screen … and now I guess I need to think, too, about the tablet issue of turning it sideways … some templates work better with that. I’d like to find one that still shows blockquotes like this one does … it sort of makes it clearer when I’m quoting someone, whereas some just indent and have a line to the left of the text (some readers have been confused, thinking I’m saying things I’m not … and with some of the spelling errors on the QODs — well— I shudder, thinking you believe I spell that way! I most DEFINATELY DEW KNOT!)

What do you like blogwise? Do tell! I’ll gladly listen to your suggestions (whether or not I take ’em!). Thanks!


  1. Welcome to the headache world of web programmers, Patty! My husband is a web developer and constantly runs into browser differences. From what I hear from developers, they wished people would just stop using Internet Explorer because it has more issues than the other browsers. Funny thing though, if you look at your Google Analytics, it will tell you the % of how many people see your site through each browser. My site is seen mostly through IE (32%) so what are you gonna do? If you want to see your site in IE on your MAC, you can install Virtual Box VM (free) and can set up a PC side of your MAC. I’m not an expert but if you have questions, I’ll ask David for you. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Janet. I’ll investigate BOX VM at some point … that might be useful!

    So what browser do you use?

  3. I use Chrome most of the time. If I need to do some investigating of CSS problems I use Firefox because there’s a web tool that developers use for figuring out layout problems. There’s one for Chrome too but the Firefox one works better. I always have to hold David’s hand when I use it though! LOL