… and maybe you can, but maybe you can’t tell me. But there is music that just hits me in a way I can’t even express.

It could be a section from bohème … like when Rodolfo comments on how Mimi looks in the light of the moon … “O soave fanciulla … o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar in te, vivo ravviso il sogno ch”io vorrei sempre sognar!” That moment — and even the line Marcell sings, “trovò la poesia”, right in the … part there — well, it just hits me in that wonderful way that music can do! How can we know exactly why something hits us that way? I’m not sure we can! But how wonderful to get to be playing bohème again!

Music can be so wonderful and make me weep buckets. I love that.

And the slow movement of Mahler 5? Or the Mozart Gran Partita slow movement? I mean … no words …

But it’s not just classical music that does this to me. And maybe I’m just sappy, I dunno, but this piece below just hits me the right way. Of course the guy could be singing something from a phone book. How would I know? But I love it and so I’m sharing it with you. Because I’m that kinda girl! (Yes, this includes a couple of guys who were in the earlier ACappellaTuesday™ video I put up today.):

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  1. My first experience with Bohemé was a music rehearsal, no singers, just the band, at my first rehearsal with SF Opera. I was 25 years old, new to the business and quite pleased with my status in the world.

    I didn’t know the story line, had never heard the opera, but when we got to the final bars of the last act where the orchestra bursts into the final moments, I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t control my breathing, couldn’t play and just sat there with tears on my face.

    I don’t know what it is in music that moves us, but there’s more to it than an ornamented descending D major scale…