21. April 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I try and try to convince people that we all have to be careful about what we blog, tweet, or put up at Facebook. Sure, Facebook is only shared with our “friends”, but define “friends”, please! Some of the people in my group of Facebook friends are people I’ve never met. I go ahead and accept them if they have enough other friends in common with me. Does that make them real friends? Heck no. Could it be that some people would “friend” (Yeah, it’s a verb now. Or at least I verbed it. Maybe you wouldn’t. But you probably wouldn’t verb verb either in that case, eh?) another merely to see if they could catch that person writing something that could get him or her in trouble? I would hope not, but it could happen. Could a friend become an enemy. You bet. Especially for middle school or high school kids! So whatever you write should be something you don’t mind sharing with the world. Including schools to which you might apply, bosses, enemies … and even parents!

Alecia Batson blogs about a few folks who’ve been caught writing something they should have left unwritten.

I probably blog because I love my own voice far too much. It’s self-indulgent. It’s completely unnecessary. But I really hope to refrain from blogging anything that is untrue or divulges information that is not supposed to be divulged. And I hope I don’t blog anything hurtful to others. Or horribly foolish.

Okay, never mind that last one. Too late.


  1. Hmm … not sure which part of what I wrote you are referring to, Robin! Care to elaborate? Just curious what you mean!