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Now, there’s more than just money at stake here; there’s also a sort of classical-world culture clash. And Nero’s feeling like he’s not getting the respect he deserves. But does he deserve it? Nero trades in “Pops,” which is widely regarded as classical-lite, and many classical fans would argue he’s never deserved any place in the Philadelphia Orchestra system at all. And if you’ve seen Nero’s shows versus the ones the Philadelphia Orchestra puts on themselves, you know why: Nero is, God love him, about as corny as they come. And the Orchestra is, well, the real deal. That ego — and really ego alone — might be one of the things that drove the Orchestra to the brink is sad enough. That Nero’s still pursuing his case against the PhilOrch, even now, and in the face of real danger for the institution, is even sadder still, and more than a little infuriating.


Aw rats, I’m sorry to read this. Peter Nero once called me a gazelle, which I believe he meant as a compliment, in my very long hair and thinner days. He was very kind to me (I not only played in the orchestra but I was music librarian, so I dealt with him directly when he was here). I’m sorry to read that he’s suing the orchestra. That’s rotten.

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I mean really … what a dog of an idea. I can’t say it’s the cat’s meow, to be sure.

Okay. I’ll stop now.

PETA wants to help the bankrupt orchestra with an exchange: “Display PETA’s pro-vegan ad on the backs of musicians’ music stands, and PETA will donate money to help save the orchestra.”


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Palestrina: Lamentations (part 2)
Hilliard Ensemble

Heth : Teth : Iod (Good Friday, Lesson 1)
HETH Cogitavit Dominus dissipare murum filiae Sion: tetendit funiculum suum, et non avertit manum suam a perdtione: Iuxitque antemuraele, et murus pariter dissipatus est.
TETH Defixae sunt in terra portae eius: perdidit, et contrivit vectes eius: Regem eius et principes eius in gentibus: non est lex, et prophetae eius non invenerunt visionem a Domino.
IOD Sederunt in terra, conticuerunt senes filiae Sion: consperserunt cinere capita sua, accincti sunt ciliciis, abiecerunt in terram capita sua virgines Iuda.
Ierusalem, Ierusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum.

Lamed : Mem : Nun (Good Friday, Lesson 2)
LAMED Matribus suis dixerunt: Ubi est triticum et vinum? Cum deficerent quasi vulnerati in plateis civitatis: cum exhalarent animas suas in sinu matrum suarum.
MEM Cu comparabo te? Vel cui assimilabo te, filia Ierusalem? Cui exaequabo te, et consolabor te, virgo filia Sion? Magna est enim velut mare contritio tua: quis medebitur tui?
NUN Prophetae tui viderunt tibi falsa et stulta, nec aperiebant iniquitatem tuam, ut te ad paenitentiam provocarent: viderunt autem tibi assumptiones falsas, et eiectiones.
Ierusalem, Ierusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum.

The Hilliard Ensemble

‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’
Who is that, that doth me call?
‘I, a sinner, that oft doth fall.’
What would’st thou have?
‘Mercy, Lord, of thee I crave.’
Why, lov’st thou me?
‘Yea, my Maker I call thee.’
Then leave thy sin, or I nill thee,
And think on this lesson that now I teach thee.
‘Ah, I will, I will, gentle Jesu.’

Upon the cross nailed I was for thee,
Suffered death to pay thy ransom;
Forsake thy sin, man, for the love of me
Be repentant, make plain confession;
To contrite hearts I do remission;
Be not despaired, for I am not vengeable;
Gain’ ghostly en’mies think on my passion;
Why art thou froward, sith I am merciable?
‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’

I had on Peter and Mawdlen pity;
Forthi contrite of thy contrition;
Saint Thomas of Indes incrudelity
He put his hands deep in my side a-down.
Roll up this matter; grave it in thy reason!
Sith I am kind, why art thou unstable?
My blood best triacle for thy transgression;
Be thou not froward, sith I am merciable!
‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’

Lord, on all sinful, here kneeling on knee,
Thy death remembering of humble affection,
O Jesu, grant of thy benignity
That thy five wells plenteous offusion,
Called thy five wounds by computation,
May wash us all from surfeits reprovable.
Now for thy mother’s meek mediation,
At her request be to us merciable.
‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’

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Trombone and Oboe practice going on… love them, but where is the Ibuprofen? LOL!

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I read that this was probably first performed on Good Friday. Below is the complete work. I pulled all the information on the numbers from handy dandy wikipedia. There are some very good notes to be read here, at the San Francisco Bach Choir site. To read the words while you listen, including the English translation, go here.

Part One

Part Two

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From The Spokesman-Review A Word A Day


adjective: Pompous; bombastic.


Of uncertain origin, perhaps from high-fluting, from flute. Earliest documented use: 1839.


Highfalutin may or may not be high flute, but the flute’s cousin, oboe, is high wood. It’s a corruption of French haut (high) + bois (wood). The musical instrument is named owing to its having the highest register among woodwinds. An orchestra typically tunes to an oboe.

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Is attempting to learn the oboe… my mouth feels numb haha.

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A symphony orchestra crashes and burns so who would you choose as a replacement for an upcoming concert?

The orchestra was going to play some Sibelius, some Sousa, and some Glinka. Instead, the Riders will play some Gene Autrey, some Roy Rogers, and some Sons Of The Pioneers, with lots of yodeling.


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The earthquake that hit northeastern Japan last month sent ceilings crashing as far away as Muza Symphony Hall in Kawasaki, more than 300 km from its epicenter.

According to the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (TSO), 80 percent of the hall is now considered unusable. As a result, more than 20 performances set to be held at the hall have been canceled so far.

I read it here.