The Hilliard Ensemble

‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’
Who is that, that doth me call?
‘I, a sinner, that oft doth fall.’
What would’st thou have?
‘Mercy, Lord, of thee I crave.’
Why, lov’st thou me?
‘Yea, my Maker I call thee.’
Then leave thy sin, or I nill thee,
And think on this lesson that now I teach thee.
‘Ah, I will, I will, gentle Jesu.’

Upon the cross nailed I was for thee,
Suffered death to pay thy ransom;
Forsake thy sin, man, for the love of me
Be repentant, make plain confession;
To contrite hearts I do remission;
Be not despaired, for I am not vengeable;
Gain’ ghostly en’mies think on my passion;
Why art thou froward, sith I am merciable?
‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’

I had on Peter and Mawdlen pity;
Forthi contrite of thy contrition;
Saint Thomas of Indes incrudelity
He put his hands deep in my side a-down.
Roll up this matter; grave it in thy reason!
Sith I am kind, why art thou unstable?
My blood best triacle for thy transgression;
Be thou not froward, sith I am merciable!
‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’

Lord, on all sinful, here kneeling on knee,
Thy death remembering of humble affection,
O Jesu, grant of thy benignity
That thy five wells plenteous offusion,
Called thy five wounds by computation,
May wash us all from surfeits reprovable.
Now for thy mother’s meek mediation,
At her request be to us merciable.
‘Ah, gentle Jesu!’

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  1. I love this song and I heard the Hilliards perform it live, it was amazing! Thanks for reminding it 🙂