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But I read it online so it must be true, right?

IN the margins of Puccini’s manuscript score for La Boheme, Mimi’s death is marked by a skull and crossbones.

Of course I did then look up this information and it does appear to be true.

Someone has a photo of it you can purchase (and view) here. (I contacted the photographer but I have no clue if I can afford the photo.)

Opening night tonight!


Someone found a copy of the skull and crossbones that I can legally place here, as far as I can tell … (if I’m wrong it’ll come down. Trust me!):

Here’s another page of the score in Puccini’s hand, and this clearly states at the website that it is free for use on a website:

La Bohème, Act II, Sextet 1

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It sometimes is said that singers have a tough time counting. I am pleased to share this video, proving Ms. Fleming can count quite well:

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I spent my morning (and 30 minutes of my afternoon) at the Met. Not in New York, of course (although some year I sure hope I get to a live performance!), but at one of the movie theater performances. It was Richard Strauss’s Capriccio … and it was wonderful! I’m so glad I went.

Below are just a few photos, completely untouched up or straightened, but I’m too tired and lazy to do anything other than post ’em!
Countdown time. (They began at about 10:15, I believe; does the Met always start late, or do they delay these simulcasts? Or both?)

Another fave of mine (and great blogger) Joyce DiDonato, interviewed Renée Fleming before the start (prerecorded, perhaps? I wonder!):

Not a lot of younger folks in this photo, but I did see one young girl in a when the showed the crowd at another point:

I was happy to get to hear Russell Braun again — he sang in Nixon in China and I really enjoy his voice):

Renée Fleming takes a bow:

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I’m learning bass, I’ve been workin on drums, and I play piano and Oboe (although Oboe rarely comes in handy in pop) lol

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Tomás Luis de Victoria (Ávila, 1548 – Madrid, 1611)

Intérpretes: The Tallis Scholars (Peter Phillips)
Imágenes: Vidrieras de la Catedral de San Antolín (Palencia)


Misericordiae Domini,
quia non sumus consumpti:
quia non defecerunt miserationes eius.

Bonum est viro
cum portaverit iugum ab adolescentia sua.

Ierusalem, Ierusalem,
convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum.

HETH It is because of the Lord’s mercy
that we are not consumed:
because his compassions fail not.

TETH It is good for a man
when he has borne the yoke from his youth.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
turn to the Lord your God.

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I’m very sorry to hear that composer Peter Lieberson died today.

links to other reports:
Read what WQXR
dramma per musica
Sequenza 21
NY Times

Below are compositions sung by his wife, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, who died in 2006:

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damaged my oboe… I really hate myself right now….