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Philip Stopford: There Is A Green Hill

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Georg Friedrich Händel – Messias – Hallelujah – für 12 Violoncelli – Cellissimo 2010 – Leitung Uwe Schachner – Konzert im Rahmen des Osterkurses der Berufsfachschule für Musik Bad Königshofen am 31.3.2010 – www.bfsmusik.de – Uwe Schachner, David Tafler, Derya Atakan, Melanie Liu, Markus Scheppach, Henriette Gööck, Isabella Hart, Lena Hack, Ayelen Gallardo Reyes, Ingmar Escher, Elisabeth Müller, Judith Bieber, Hannah Barthel, Franziska Bauer, Jakob Vocke, Simon Molitor, Apollonia Hartmann, Claudia Dunkelberg, Sebastian Clobes, Georg Sendtner, Sarah Böhner, Christin Röder, Johannes Hofrichter, Veronika Hofrichter, Aileen To, Regina Waurick, Julian Ziegler, Carolin Scholz, Regina Schlereth, Kiara Hart, Daniel Schnorr, Kilian Harlos, Martin Röder, Tobias Saal, Nikolas Keller, Felix Lieschke

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Kommt, eilet und laufet

Come, hurry and run, you speedy feet,
reach the cavern which conceals Jesus!
Laugter and merriment
accompanies our hearts,
since our Savior is risen again.

Seele, deine Spezereien

O soul, your spices
need no longer be myrrh.
For only
crowning with the laurel wreath
will quiet your anxious longing.

Sanfte soll mein Todeskummer

Gentle shall my death-throes be,
only a slumber,
Jesus, because of your shroud.
Indeed, it will refresh me there,
and the tears of my suffering
it will tenderly wipe from my cheeks.

Saget, saget mir geschwinde

Tell me, tell me quickly,
say where I can find Jesus,
whom my soul loves!
O come, come, embrace me;
for without You my heart is
completely orphaned and wretched.

Preis und Dank

Praise and thanks
remain, Lord, your hymn of praise.
Hell and devil are conquered,
its gates are destroyed.
Rejoice, you rescued tongues,
so that you are heard in heaven.
Open, o heavens, your magnificent drawbridges,
the Lion of Judah approaches in triumph!

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John Tavener: As One Who Has Slept

As one who has slept the Lord has risen
And rising he saved us. Alleluia