Okay … no one wanted to play the game? No guesses at all? I’ll post the answer below, then.

Here is what I wrote yesterday, to save you some scrolling (I’m just that nice):

I just read this:

A theme running through all four movements was used in the Broadway musical “Showboat” and was “Cotton Blossom,” which was the name of the showboat.

The reviewer is writing about a very famous symphony. Before I name it, though, I’m wondering if anyone immediately knows what symphony it is. Do tell!

… but maybe no one is reading this blog because there were no takers. Or maybe the reviewer is totally of her rocker and no one answered because she’s so wrong. Dunno!

According to the reviewer, Dvorak’s New World Symphony is quoted in Showboat. I sure didn’t hear it when I listened to a bit of the musical. Am I missing something?

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Dear oboe test I don’t wanna hurt your feelings but you were not that hard

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Which leads to musicians. Ok, a few hard facts – 1) No, your orchestra would not be in tremendously better shape if you were running it. You went to school for music. Knowing how to play your instrument does not give you an understanding of how to run a business; 2) Any rule you have put into your orchestra’s contract that limits access to media in any way is seriously detrimental to your continued livelihood; 3) The orchestra in your town is not there for your benefit. It is there for the benefit of the audience. The audience is paramount and any consideration about anything that does not put the audience first is seriously detrimental to your continued livelihood.

-Bill Eddins


I think he has some good points there.

(Sadly, I’m in groups that would love to put up YouTube videos and recordings, but the Big Boys in the New York union headquarters nixed that. Sometimes we really do want to do the right thing. Honest!)

The article to which Bill Eddins was referring ends with this:

American orchestras will keep failing. I feel less for them than for the excellent musicians who will be displaced. But face a few facts. American orchestras will no more grow than Mother Nature will take the liver spots off my hands. We have grown old together. Darwinism is at work, and American orchestras must adjust: to smaller dreams, fewer orchestras serving wider areas, fragmented listenerships, hopes for some kind of government help and, above all, a way of preserving the past, electronically if not by word of mouth.

Am I as hopeless as they? Not quite. But I do believe we are in for a lot of aches and pains, and I think our boom days are long gone.

(Thanks to Bruce Hembd for bringing these to my attention.)

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If you go here you can find the top 10 reasons to support the arts.

Hmmm. How about “Arts feed the soul”? How about “Arts are absolutely out of this world incredible”? How about “Arts hit me in the gut like nothing else”?

Just some of my ideas ….

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String instruments are used to play arpeggios in classical music.

I’m so happy to finally know of a use for those string instruments. Aren’t you?

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This is sweet! It made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too!

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Read this online at the Hal Leonard site:

Oboe Concerto With Piano Reduction By The Composer
Series: Woodwind
Format: BOOK

$32.95 (US)
Inventory #HL 49018340
UPC: 884088586898
Publisher Code: OBB49
Width: 9.0″
Length: 12.0″

It’s always good to know the dimensions of the book, isn’t it? Now … just who gets the title “The Composer”?

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whoops my bad probably! I’m super picky about oboe sound… But which oboist isn’t?!