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Is there a diff? Marilyn Vos Savant says this:

None, really. Both of them play the same kind of music (baroque, classical, romantic, and modern) with the same instruments. The only difference, and it’s a slight one, is in the connotation of the names. “Philharmonic” sounds a bit more formal and implies that the orchestra arose from a society of music lovers. “Symphony” refers simply to the works that are played.

but then someone else replied with this:

Marilyn: I’m writing to add some information to your comments about the difference between a philharmonic orchestra and a symphony orchestra.(March 27, 2011) The historic difference between the two organizations lies in the financing when they were first formed. A symphony orchestra had fixed ticket pricing, and the musicians were paid contract rates. In a philharmonic orchestra, the audience contributed to an at-will donation and the amount that was collected was split among the musicians. Today, all orchestras use fixed ticketed pricing and musicians are paid at contract rates, so there is little difference between them other than their names.

These things I did not know. I’m still not sure I believe them.

I found them here and here.

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Finally picked an oboe solo… 13 days before contest…

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Orchestra Suite No. 1, Overture
James Howard Young, alto and bass melodicas

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I found this tune truly, as you can see above … delightful! It was a sweet way to start my morning. Enjoy!

“Dancing By The Stream” for Flute, Oboe and Piano by Low Shao Ying
Roberto Alvarez, flute; Audi Goh, oboe; Low Shao Ying, piano

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i cannot stabd the sound of oboe =.= so high pitched!! my ears are hurting

(I can’t stand bad spelling.)