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… some of you might be wondering about the ™ that I put up by certain words or phrases sometimes. It’s really just a bit of a joke. I honestly don’t believe I am trademarking these things.

And, mostly, I love the way ™ looks.

Who wouldn’t?!

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Astor Piazzolla – Soledad (Accordion, violin, oboe, piano, bass)
Marius Stravinsky, violin; Eleonora Bekova, piano; Yuri Charyguine, accordion; Margherita Kalcheva, bass; John McDonough, oboe.

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Anyone read my new book??? >> “How to kill a rat with anoboe” giggle 🙂

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Yep … this is what I’m doing these days:

Gee, I can even hear the oboe sometimes. How ’bout that?!

Asked online:

How Do I Become a Professional Oboist?

I would love to become a professional oboist, and I believe now is the time I need to get my head in the game. All I’m asking for is some assistance on how to reach my goal. I attend Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, I’ve played oboe for 3 years [7th grade to 9th] and I’ve joined local bands, such as the Augusta Wind Conservatory & District Honor Band & All County Band. I believe its time for me to become more serious. The question is, how?

I am so very thankful I moved into this career when I did, landing my symphony job in 1975. It was easier then; there were fewer oboists, and there were orchestras that were newly formed, others that were moving from an amateur status to professional, and a good number of groups seemed to be improving and growing. It was just an easier time.

Now there are a lot more very fine oboists and a lot fewer jobs. It’s a tough time!

How would you answer this young oboist’s question?

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Snore Along With Ludwig

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I have had oboe concertos stuck in my head all morning. It really adds a sense of gravitas to office work

I only see this listing for players … so am I seeing and hearing wrong? (It CAN happen!) But in any case, this is a fun listen!

Here’s what the YouTube Video tells us:
A.CAMPRA’: chaconne from Le Carneval de Venise
Mark Radcliffe & Simone Zangani oboes
Davide Bettin & Giuseppe Nalin, oboi da caccia
Paolo Tognon & Claudio Verh, bassoons
Alberto Macchini, drums

… time lapse while I look at the next video …

Ah-hah! This one lists the flute …

J. P. KRIEGER: marche from Lustige Feld-partita
La Bande des Hautbois du Roy (dir. Paolo Tognon)

Ruggero Vartolo, Aviad Gershoni, oboi
Giuseppe Nalin, oboe da caccia
Paolo Tognon ed Oscar Meana, fagotti
Gianpaolo Capuzzo e Gregorio Carraro, flauti dritti
Alberto Macchini, percussioni