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I don’t really have time to do much more than post this, so please excuse any formatting or odd issues that appear below, but my friend and excellent oboist Kyle Bruckmann is involved in these so here ya go!:

Quinteto Latino’s May Events Quinteto Latino at Berkeley Chamber Performances

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Join us for an early Cinco de Mayo celebration while we serenade you with rarely heard music by Mexican composers. Program
Soli No.2 — Carlos Chávez
Son de la Bruja (traditional) — arranged by José Luis Hurtado
Cinco danzas breves — Mario Lavista
Danza de Mediodía — Arturo Márquez

General $25
Higher Ed Students $12.50
Students Free

For tickets and more information, visit Berkeley Chamber Performances . In addition to our formal concert for Berkeley Chamber Performances, Quinteto Latino will be performing an educational concert on their behalf at Coronado Elementary School on Friday May, 6th. We are pleased that Rufus Olivier III, associate bassoon, will be joining us for these concerts.

Quinteto Latino Plays Free Family Concert

Saturday, May 7th
Redwood City Public Library
1044 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, CA 94063

On behalf of the Peninsula Symphony and in collaboration with the Redwood City Public Library, Quinteto Latino will perform Raices de Nuestra Muscia (Our Musical Roots). Quinteto Latino at Latinas Contra Cancer Fundraiser

Quinteto Latino will be playing a private event fundraiser for a wonderful latino service organization, Latinas Contra Cancer, on Thursday May 19th, in Saratoga, CA. Visit Latinas Contra Cancer for more information and to support this organization.

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If you’re on Facebook, become our fan and get the freshest news about QL. Find out about our upcoming events, status updates, insider photos, latest blog posts.

Become a fan
Make a Tax Deductible Donation Since becoming a member of San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music (SFFCM) we are able to collect tax deductible donations! Yes, that’s right, you can write off any in-kind donation to Quinteto Latino. Donations will go to fund our first CD – Mexican Masterworks.

Donate online – Be sure to specify QL
About Quinteto Latino
Quinteto Latino blends the vibrant colors and vigorous rhythms of Latin American music with the sumptuous voices of the wind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn & bassoon. Whether exploring new twists on traditional folk songs or premiering works by living composers, these five musicians perform with impeccable artistry & infectious energy – educating, enriching & entertaining listeners of all ages & backgrounds.

Founded in 2003 by French hornist Armando Castellano, this unique ensemble is passionately dedicated to a dual mission: to expand the cultural boundaries of classical music and to make that music available, relevant and inspiring to entirely new audiences.
See you there!

Diane Grubbe, flute
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Leslie Tagorda, clarinet
Armando Castellano, French horn
Shawn Jones, bassoon

acastellano [at] quintetolatino [dot] org
Quinteto Latino

You tell me! 😉

(I’d post it here but of course that’s copyright infringement, so just click on the link, please.)

PS I actually got a kick out of it, and Dan loved it. Just so you know. Heck, and attention we EH folks get is fine by me.

Well … nearly any attention, anyway.

I just read this online:

The musicians, led by conductor David Rohrbaugh, began to softly play as the audience took their seats.

Um … we don’t actually play softly at the beginning of the opera, and the audience is already seated, unless they are late. I found this rather curious!

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*sigh* what a lovely afternoon! sunshine, oboe practice (+ good finger workout thanks to otto langey oboe studies), and advanced algebra!

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… talking about the oboe … “tremendously exciting artistically if sometimes frustrating.”


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I’ve had seven rehearsals and, at this point, five performances of the opera. We have four more to go. Normally we do a total of eight performances, but for this opera we have one extra, this Friday night. I believe the evening was purchased (by Mercury News?) and tickets are being given out to those who might not normally be able to afford this event.

I don’t grow weary of La bohème for the most part, but I’ve been low on energy. I’m fairly sure my iron level has sunk again, so back on iron I go, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be back to my normal, whiny but chipper self soon!

Meanwhile … here are a few pages of my part, just showing some of the keys and interesting things I play. Nothing is really difficult any longer, as long as my brain is functioning, but I do occasionally have to recheck the key, since some solos return in a variety of keys! The “biggest” solo? Four bars (which I wrote about earlier) of a whole lotta nothin’ … but entirely oboe. All alone. No singing. No one else playing.

(Last entrance, bottom of page):

Here’s a solo that likes to appear in different keys (see top of first page & rehearsal 27 on the next):

And then there are these two pages of extremely fun keys!

And what fun it all is … next performance is tonight!

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Vocado sings Håll mig kvar (I believe that’s “Keep Me Still”)

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I would definitely say I come from a musical family. My mom used to be an opera singer, and my dad is an oboe.