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Symphony Silicon Valley did it! I had put a plea up here, and others were doing the same. And guess what? We received enough votes. Here’s what Randy just reported:

THANK YOU! Thank you SO MUCH for your support! We ranked 67th in the Top 100, earned a $25,000 grant and the right to compete in the $500k grant round in two weeks. Thank you!

And get your trigger finger ready–we’re up again in two weeks!

Stay tuned … I’ll put up a reminder when we need more votes!

I do thank everyone who voted on Facebook. We so appreciate it!

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Georg Goltermann (1824-1898)
Serenade for Four Cellos
Li Wei Qin
James Barralet
Karel Bredenhorst
Erich Oskar Huetter

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It’s Bach’s cello solo in G. I studied the cello. It’s a beautiful piece, man, that’s just not right!

-CSI (the television show)

Why is it that serial killers love Bach so much?

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Bartok – Three Hungarian Folksongs from the Csík District

Howard, Ng Su Chee – oboe
Lee Aik Hong – yangqin
Akkra Yeunyonghattaporn – piano

Final exam, 26th April 2011
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore

(I’ve always loved hammered dulcimer, which is what the yangqin sounds like to me.)

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“But can he make an oboe reed?!”

Thanks, Bruce Hembd, for alerting me to this!

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… what makes it classical? (As you recall, I pondered this when it was announced that Madonna was writing classical music.)

Read online:

Tori Amos describes her classical music album in the most Tori Amos-y way possible


Tori Amos announces classical album and UK tour dates

(The first is here.)

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Or not.

I can’t say I’m moved by the music, but I am rather impressed, to be sure!

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11 years of playing the oboe, and I am finally learning to play in tune once in a while.

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I enjoy the arts as much as I do a night bar hopping in San Francisco.

Is it typical of a 23-year-old college student? You tell me. Is it possible on a student’s budget? Let me tell you — yes.

Especially at an establishment like Opera San Jose, which offers student rush tickets at the bargain price of $11 to college students under 25.

I hold a student membership to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, which costs $55. Recently, I watched Alonzo King’s “Lines Ballet” for $25 and the off-Broadway tour of “Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles” for free, but nothing quite beats orchestra seating at Opera San Jose for $11.

It’s true — you can’t beat the student ticket price at OSJ!


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… and probably the most artistic video I’ve seen of someone talking about music and oboe. I would have loved to embed it right here, but I see no way to do that, so go here to hear Anna Pennington talk about what she does.