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The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra has selected the Oregon Symphony’s resident conductor, Gregory Vajda, as its music director and conductor. The HSO is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and is the oldest, continuously operating professional orchestra in the state, having started in 1955. According to the orchestra’s web site, Vajda’s selection was a unanimous decision.


I sure hope he’s still coming to San Jose! (I continue to dream … I’d love to see him with Opera San José one of these years!)

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These three, singing their hearts out … well … it just hit my heart so it’s going up here. Because.

Children singing … I hope it hits your heart like it hit mine.

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I just received this notice:


James Levine has announced today that he will be withdrawing from all of his 2011 Tanglewood appearances on the advice of his doctors. This announcement is being made in conjunction with other cancellations announced by the Metropolitan Opera.
In early June, the Boston Symphony Orchestra will announce a new roster of conductors for the 2011 Tanglewood programs which were to be led by James Levine. The previously scheduled performance of Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande with the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra and cast of professional singers, which was to have taken place on July 25, will be replaced by a Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra program. Replacement conductors will be selected for the following programs:

Thanks, Chris Foley, for bringing this to me attention! (Credit where credit is due. Always.)

… but I do apologize. This thing can get stuck in your head. Seriously stuck.

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Nope. Pigs.

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And here the young man featured yesterday on oboe plays English horn:

Koechlin: Au Loin

Howard, Ng Su Chee – cor anglais
Low Shao Ying – piano

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Another concert announcement that includes oboist Kyle Bruckmann:

I can’t believe I can write this, but I actually performed the Berio back in my college days. I now look at the work and puzzle over that … I doubt I would even attempt it now. It’s a very difficult work for oboe (with a drone B playing throughout). Lots of unusual fingerings, lots of unusual sounds (including multiphonics).

Here’s a bit of it to give you an example:

(I see the oboists are playing the B drone in this. When I did it we used a synthesizer.)

From Kyle: Apparently this is FREE to high school students, who are also heartily encouraged to bring instruments to the workshop …should be fun!

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Toccata and Fugue in d minor
Bass clarinets: Jon Russell and Jeff Anderle

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For anyone interested in the question/answer: the oboe is the most reliable instrument for playing a pitch-perfect middle C.