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So, with opera over ‘n out I moved directly on to this Symphony Silicon Valley set. We had our first rehearsal last night. Sadly it was in the rehearsal hall rather than on stage, so I haven’t a clue how my reeds are, really, but happily we began with Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite.

I’ve never played it!

I do, however, know the work. I know it incredibly well, actually. Dan and I must have listened to this a tremendous number of times when we first bought a record of it, because I know exactly what is happening when and there are no issues about counting, really.

And what fun to play it. Finally.

If you don’t know it at all, take a listen (and look):

There are places in the work that just fill me with joy. I’m so glad to finally get to perform it!

We are also doing a world premiere by Paquito D’Rivera (Cape Cod Concerto for Clarinet, Piano & Orchestra) which has no second oboe, and Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto. Here’s how that goes:

… okay, okay, maybe not quite like that with Jon Nakamatsu at the piano … and a slightly larger (and older) orchestra.

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somebody totally asked me where I got my “purse” today…and by “purse”, I mean oboe case…

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I have a student who says he isn’t allowed to swab his oboe during performances. (It might even be that he can’t swab during rehearsals … I’m not sure!) His band director got angry with him when he tried to blow water out of a key. My initial reaction is to say, “Quit that band!” but instead I said, “the next time you get water in a key be sure to play boldly!”

Dear, dear band directors. I know you want a disciplined group. I know many of you like the military look and want everyone to sit perfectly still when not playing. I know we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. But can’t you please let my students swab their oboes when they have enough measures of rest to do so? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Nice clarinet. The reed’s still on it. Dusty though. I don’t think she played the clarinet.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Well, let’s see if that clarinet has anything to do with the murder, shall we?

Yep. The clarinet plays into it. Go figure.

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Nana Moouskouri & The King’s Singers singing “Eriskay Love Lilt”

… this is obviously a rather old video!

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A graduating student has composed a song. It’s pretty. I’ll leave it at that because the university instructor in me had a lot of not-so-nice things to write and she has been sent to her room for a time out.

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any idea what the woodwind in “uncle arthur” is? not a bassoon, oboe, clarinet. v medieval-sounding.