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Joseph Raff (1822-1882)

Concerto Musica de Camara Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia – Prof . H. Schellenberger
Auditorio Sony – Madrid

Totally new to me … and what FUN! And these young musicians are mighty fine.


Allegro Molto (Scherzo):



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Classical music is also about the keeping of an intense set of records and statistics. It is about a reverence for the giants of the past, and a constant measurement of what is happening now against what has come before. We hear a Beethoven symphony at the New York Philharmonic and it is in instant contact with all the other live performances of it we have ever heard, with all the things we have ever thought about it, with the legendary recordings of Toscanini, von Karajan and Kleiber. My German grandmother compared every musical experience she had — unfavorably, in fact — to what she remembered hearing Hans Knappertsbusch conduct back in the old country when she was young.

The past is always present.

It turns out that classical music fans do a lot of the same remembering and measuring as baseball fans. Both baseball and classical music have a great sense of history, a tremendous respect for the past, and a slew of nerdy people like me who want to know all the details. Both are made of people who argue passionately with each other about who was the greatest. We handicap our favorite composers and performers, we buy 20 recordings of the same piece just to be able to argue about interpretations. We want to know as much about where we have been as we can.

-David Lang


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It sounds like an animal is dying in my houe. [name here] is learning to play the oboe.

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It’s a great story, don’t you think? (No, that Mitchell is no relation to our family.)

After my other blog entry I can’t help but wonder about this every time I see or hear a band now!

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… with a whole lotta double reeds.

Adios Nonino de A. Piazzolla, executado pelo Ensemble Palhetas Duplas, Lisbon, Portugal

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at my orchestra concert ; thought this girl was smoking in the bathroom but it turned out to be an oboe reed. LOLOL.