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I certainly know of Nadia Boulanger, but I’d never heard anything by her before.

Does this remind you of a more recent composition? It does me.

But wait! There’s more! I’ve heard of her sister, Lili, as well, but again had never heard anything by her. So you get a double today!

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I can do many stupid things on my oboe; imitating bag pipes with circular breathing, japanese ambulance with a doppler effect, fire engines. all useless except in a party. But I just realized that I am getting better with double tonguing!

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Music depends on education and inspiration. If you don’t get inspired by this music the first time you hear it, you will never get connected.

-Lang Lang


I read ithere.

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I’m tchg 4 kids for free via skype as an experiment to c if making oboelessons avlble on skype for kids who need tchrs might help. Yes!!!

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While Symphony Silicon Valley was voted in the top 100 for Chase Community Giving (Thank you voters! Thank you Chase!), we now enter into a tighter race, competing for the $500,000 grant for our arts education program.. Because of that I’m going to remind you daily until the voting stops. PLEASE, if you are on Facebook, vote for us. This is a worthy and worthwhile cause … taking the arts to all 4th through 6th grade students in our county! That’s the goal. I — and all involved with Symphony Silicon Valley — appreciate your votes! Let’s get the larger sum of money for this project!


Wait, what are you doing reading this blog still? You really need to CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Please bear with me: I will post this particular news every day until the voting period ends.

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“She was a concert violinist with the orchestra. First chair violin. Concertmaster. Second to the conductor himself.” This from the mother. Then she said “I was her manager.”

Um. Right. Because the concertmaster in a Sacramento orchestra would have to have a manager and who better than a mother?

This is all from the TV show The Mentalist, which I recorded and KNEW I’d have to watch since it was about a murder of the concertmaster of an orchestra (The Northern California Symphony Orchestra.)

“She has a very elegant rubato.” Yet another good line!

And yes, the principal oboist looks like a total nerd!

Man. Worst. Episode. Ever. Which is why it’s just so darn good. Or. Um. Not.

“You musicians. Professional obsessives ….”

As the principal oboist is chatting with Patrick Jane the orchestra begins to tune. Hmmm. Problem there maybe?

I love that the clarinetist is sitting next to the oboist, and a bassoonist is randomly seated by a violinist. (I only see one of each of the winds and brass.)

Ah, there is SO much to laugh at in this episode it’s really incredibly entertaining. Loads ‘o fun!

And the murderer? Guess who?