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I just landed on a BBC article about an oboe student I had some years back who went in a very sad direction after college. (Actually, I learned that it was during college when this began, and she had lied to me and deceived me in ways you simply can’t imagine, I’m sorry to say.) In the article it states that she was once a professional oboist.

I nearly laughed out loud, but her whole story makes me very sad and very angry so laughter didn’t really happen.

No, she was never a professional oboist. She was a college student who studied oboe.

People tend to believe bios. People tend to believe newspapers. And gee, if it’s the BBC it really must be true, right?

Not so. Trust me.

I was at church one Sunday many years ago when someone came up to me and said something about being sorry our concert wasn’t good. The reason she knew this? She’d read one review. One. One person’s opinion determined, for her, that the concert wasn’t worth hearing and was awful.

Please please please, don’t believe everything you read.

I could go on about this topic, but I just burned down the house so I’d better call the fire department and now I have to find a place to sleep.

Oh. Wait. Did I really do that? You read it here so it must be true!


Heinrich Ignaz von Biber‘s Battalia á 10 in D major, C.61 (1673) is pretty darn fascinating to my ears … hope you enjoy too! Around 2:00 on Part 1 it’s pretty darn amazing!

Here it is played by A Far Cry:

Part 1

Part 2

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… my brother is playing, as is friend and clarinetist Cory, and flutist Maria, whom I met last year at the Così event … and of course Jennifer is conducting. Ah well. I’ll be playing here with SSV. But I will attempt to check out the videostream (see below) either live or later!

operamission presents:

Defining classics.


featuring mezzo-soprano JENNIFER BERKEBILE in the Schoenberg

and in the Stravinsky:
JOHN CARLO PIERCE as the Narrator
RYAN ALLEN as the Devil
and CAMERON SMITH as the Soldier


FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, June 3 & 4, 2011, 8:00 PM
$20 General Admission
presented by Neke Carson at the GERSHWIN HOTEL
7 E. 27th Street, New York, NY
just east of 5th Avenue

If you’re outside of New York, the concerts will be videostreamed live at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/soldatlunaire – we’ll go live at 7:45 PM EDT

Contribute and invite your friends to contribute here

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Help, [name here] just brought home an Oboe from school !!!

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This is the final week of Symphony Silicon Valley. For me there are three rehearsals, two concerts and I play all of one work. Yep … 3 – 2 – 1! There was actually another rehearsal that I skipped, but that was by choice: I decided that I just couldn’t cancel students yet again on a Wednesday afternoon, so I opted to move down to third oboe, take that rehearsal off and, with permission of the principal, take off the Mendelssohn and have the sub play it instead, as it was the only thing being rehearsed in the afternoon. In addition to the Mendelssohn (which uses two oboes) we are doing a Piazzolla work which uses only one oboe. So again, it’s 3 – 2 – 1! I feel like I’m counting down to zero. And then I’ll be done. For too long.

I’ll have a couple end of July Target summer concerts, and I’ll play (only) one of the “Some Assembly Required” events put on by operamission in New York City (I was hoping to do two, but flights didn’t pan out for that, due to the large increase in cost if I moved dates around to make that happen). It appears Merola is out for me this year, which I’m sorry about; I really enjoy doing that. But I’m not first call there ‐ heck, I’m not even second call. So there you go.

I really wish I’d gotten into the summer music festival thing when I was younger. I probably say this every year, right? But I didn’t so oh well. Money is always tight in summer (most students take off a large chunk of it), but I suppose I should be used to it by now.

I think these symphony concerts should be fun for the listener. First on the program is the Piazzolla and it includes, appropriately, a bandoneon player. The work I’m playing in is by Avner Dorman and it’s a work for orchestra and percussion duo. It’s pretty darn amazing to watch those two musicians … you have to see them (as well as listen, of course!). And finally there’s the Mendelssohn … which, if you know the lyrics, begins “Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti for lunch!” Okay, maybe not really, but I did used to have a book that put words to famous classical works. I wish I’d hung on to it. Rats!

Here’s some of the PIazzolla with the composer at the bandoneon. The picture isn’t great. Neither is the sound. BUT it’s Piazzolla playing it! So there you go …

If you want to watch the other videos there are two more that I’m sure you would easily find if you clicked on the video above and watched on YouTube instead.

I don’t see a video with our percussionists playing the Dorman (I believe they played it at the Cabrillo Festival last year), but here’s the first movement with the duo PercaDu:

And if you want a sample of the Mendelssohn … well … those are plentiful on YouTube!

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Finished oboe practice, this time incorporating long tones. I’m still flailing about without help, but at least I have some ideas.