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And so I’m done. I taught the last student, Karl Spiker … and then was able to attend an awards ceremony with him, as he received an award for his oboe recital! How cool is that? Heck, they even give me a certificate. I suppose it looks good on my UCSC records. So so long, Karl. It’s been fun teaching you!

I haven’t a clue if we have any incoming oboe students for the fall. This year there was a drought. I certainly hope it doesn’t continue in this manner, but I wonder. Only time will tell … and that time won’t be until September. (If any incoming students read this blog, though, please do contact me!)

I was pleased to get my contract for next year, and to receive some nice compliments about my teaching. That’s always good for the heart.

So now I finish up with symphony this weekend and then I’m solely a private oboe instructor for a time. Of course teaching is a passion of mine, so I’m okay with that!

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Just left my oboe lesson–aka my monthly attitude adjustment. All is again right with world! What a wonderful teacher!! Thank you, [name here] , for my sanity breaks.

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Sofia Karlsson, Tina Ahlin & Jacob Nordenson

Yep. The melody really is from Bach:

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someone should like totally buy me an oboe reed…