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If you’re a good oboe player you can sound good on a reed that isn’t great. You’ll probably end up playing on these most of the time.

-Richard Woodhams

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I am rarely disappointed by SPCO concerts. However, on Friday, May 27, at the Ordway, I, along with anyone else in attendance who would render their opinion to me, felt that the two pieces for oboe were awful.

Yes, oboist Heinz Holliger did showcase his virtuosity on music written for him but this did not make it great music for an audience. More disturbing was the review of this performance written by Rob Hubbard for the Pioneer Press. Was Mr. Hubbard in the same Ordway as the rest of us or was his mission to simply provide plaudits to the SPCO and Mr. Holliger when not deserved?

William Lipkin, St. Paul

I read it here.

Of course I had to look up the works after reading that letter! Holliger played Elliott Carter’s Oboe Concerto and Frank Martin’s Three Dances for Oboe, Harp, String Quintet and String Orchestra.

This is why we can’t program modern music all that easily; listeners frequently hate ’em. I love how he can’t imagine that the reviewer could possibly like the works.

I couldn’t find the Frank Martin on YouTube, but I found this work by him:

The Eliot Carter can be found on YouTube. Here’s the first part of it, with Nicholas Daniel on oboe. I will confess it’s not a fave of mine, but I’m not willing to call it “awful”.

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one more final tomo…intro to music is harder than what you’d expect! can’t say that i can tell a difference between a clarinet and an oboe…yikes!

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Gotta love me some Bobs! I wish I could find a video of “My Husband Was A Weatherman” … oh well ….

“Through the Wall”

… your boyfriend is really a jerk! 🙂

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… are a pain.

I’m sure somewhere in here we are hearing “Clarinet reeds are a piece of cake. Bassoon reeds are big so they are easy. Oboe reeds are the most difficult thing in the world to make and all oboists deserve medals.”

(I had to plug my ears a few times, due to the ballet music that was being played. Well, okay, maybe I’m kidding!)

The oboe reeds aren’t the scrape we use here, as you’ll see toward the end.

… and the word I understood immediately? “Pazienza”! Something I never seem to have.

And here is the Magic Flute work that you heard a bit of in the video above:

Here’s the Sinfonia Concertante (the way I like it, with the oboe playing the top part rather than flute):




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this oboe sounds like its dying

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A CSU veterinarian and psychologist are studying whether playing classical music will calm cats and their owners while visiting the vet.

The researchers say cats are taken to veterinarians’ offices less often than dogs, possibly because the visits are stressful for both cat and owner.

“If this study finds that classical music lowers the stress levels for cats and their caretakers during veterinary visits, veterinarians can start using calming music in their waiting room immediately and improve the emotional health of those in their clinic – human and four-legged,” Dr. Narda Robinson, a veterinarian at Colorado State University, said in a statement announcing the study.

“Pet owners note that their cats dislike going to the vet more so than dogs, which means they may take them less often. This may then lead to less regular medical attention for cats.”

I read it here, but as most everyone knows, cats don’t want to listen … they wan to PLAY!

Here’s Nora at the piano …

And here’s the composition written for her piece: