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Really … that’s what this says. If I lived in Salem, Oregon I’d probably buy it. I could use a really cool looking oboe lamp, if it’s good for nothing else!

Or maybe NOT okay? Sort of reminds me of elevator music. Or maybe Lawrence Welk? But perhaps it appeals to some of you, and I’m far too harsh. Thoughts? (I do wonder what the orchestra thinks as they play this.)

I love this story.

Twenty-year-old David Rocha dreams of one day becoming a professional violinist, but for now he plays for the community of Sao Miguel, a poor neighborhood outside Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paolo.


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LOL! I just caught [name here] trying to open my oboe case and saying, “Play oboe? Play oboe?” I’m not entirely sure if I should encourage or discourage this newfound desire.

(the child looks to be about 2 or 3)

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I just read this:

The unusual combination of oboe and piano were on offer at the above venue’s lunchtime recital.

Um. Really? Is that all that unusual?

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Concerto per oboe d’amore BWV 1055
Albrecht Mayer

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Oboe auditions all day today! WOW!!!!!! Hope I have a brain left at the end of day.