Or maybe NOT okay? Sort of reminds me of elevator music. Or maybe Lawrence Welk? But perhaps it appeals to some of you, and I’m far too harsh. Thoughts? (I do wonder what the orchestra thinks as they play this.)


  1. I guess if you lack the talent to compose you can take any well known masterpiece and reset it, benefiting from the fact that it’s widely known. The hard work is already done, and the fact that you destroy the original art in the process doesn’t affect the paycheck.

    I’ll shut up while I’m still civil…

  2. I’m wondering if this is the orchestra that does this with all sorts of well known works. It feels so very wrong. Sigh.

  3. I bought a packaged set of LPs many years ago (never opened it) whose sales gimmick was, “Why listen to hours of music for a few great moments?” It then extracted the peak moments from 50 or so of the great classics.

    I’d always intended to give it to the Maestro, but never got around to it.

    Maybe this is what happens when you jerk funding for the arts…

  4. Ah-hah! It’s not just NOW that we have these awful ideas!