Jesu meine Freude

Jesus, my joy,
pasture of my heart,
Jesus, my adornment
ah how long, how long
is my heart filled with anxiety
and longing for you!
Lamb of God, my bridegroom,
apart from you on the earth
there is nothing dearer to me.

Beneath your protection
I am free from the attacks
of all my enemies.
Let Satan track me down,
let my enemy be exasperated –
Jesus stands by me.
Even if there is thunder and lightning,
even if sin and hell spread terror
Jesus will protect me.

I defy the old dragon,
I defy the jaws of death,
I defy fear as well!
Rage, World, and spring to attack:
I stand here and sing
in secure peace.
God’s might takes care of me;
earth and abyss must fall silent,
however much they rumble on.

Away with all treasures!
You are my delight,
Jesus, my joy!
Away with empty honours,
I’m not going to listen to you,
remain unknown to me!
Misery, distress, affliction, disgrace and death,
even if I must endure much suffering,
will not separate me from Jesus.

Good night, existence
chosen by the world,
you do not please me.
Good night , you sins,
stay far behind me.
Come no more to the light1
Good night , pride and splendour,
once and for all, sinful existence,
I bid you good night.

Go away, mournful spirits,
for my joyful master,
Jesus, now enters in.
For those who love God
even their afflictions
become pure sweetness.
Even if here I must endure shame and disgrace,
even in suffering you remain,
Jesus, my joy

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Okay, what happens when you get 10 or 11 people together to play oboe? You get, as the title of this video says, “OBOE MADNESS”!

You might start to understand the connection to bagpipe when you hear Amazing Grace.

This really made me smile. I just love “young” oboists — no matter the age! There’s something about the wild, uncontrolled sound. I know we all strive to perfection and that includes control, but this is so wild and free! (And they look like they are having a blast, too.) The info on the video says these players are music educators. My guess is that they all got together for a bit of oboe instruction. I appreciate that greatly, as I think music educators who take an oboe lesson or two understand it a wee bit better. It also says they are playing for Becky Secor. I haven’t met her, but she is an oboist … perhaps their instructor for the day?

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The recording sound isn’t great. Neither is the picture. But still … she’s 14 years old. I’m impressed! High F#? No prob.

Here’s all that is listed on the YouTube page:


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“I feel … I feel … I feel happy of myself! … Everybody, I know you can believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you will know how to ride a bike. … If you keep practicing you will get the hang of it and then you can get better and better at it …!”

Many thanks to Nicholas Phan for alerting me to this!

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I always enjoy Ms. DiDonato’s blog. She takes good photos. She has a lot of interesting posts. This one, though, is especially important.

I am no stranger to strong emotions. I suppose having the exposed outlet of a gigantic stage with blaring lights and a wailing orchestra every so often temporarily soothes my savage beast. “It’s the best form of therapy”, you’ll hear numerous singers declare. Great truth lies in that statement. But every so often, I lack the appropriate outlet for my heated emotions that could easily be considered (shudder) “controversial”. We’re taught to avoid such hullabaloo, and generally I obediently abide.

But then this happened:

“Republican Gov. Sam Brownback took the major step of privatizing the arts in Kansas, turning back the clock to a pre-1960s era. The governor erased state funding for arts programs, leaving the Kansas Arts Commission with no budget, no staff and no offices.”

Yep. One slash of the pen, and every single penny for the Arts in the State of Kansas is gone. (Mind you, this also magically slashes all the matching Federal Funds that vanish instantaneously with that bold stroke.)


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A lot of classical players can read music great and everything, but the whole rhythm thing – maybe they don’t feel how exact it needs to be to make rock ‘n’ roll rock.

-Steve Morse of Deep Purple


I have found this to be true. Some classical musicians can’t rock out. Some can’t swing. Some can’t improvise. It’s just a different beast and it doesn’t work for everyone. But of course some (many?) rock musicians can’t play classical either. Just the way it goes, yes?

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Oh no oboe!!!!! Okay so my daughter wants to play the oboe. I was just wondering if anyone had one laying around and would like to sell it. =O

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Tiny Toons: Anvil Chorus

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Who would pay $700 for an oboe?