All the stuff I’ve written about “it’s okay to applaud between movements”? Well, I guess I lied!

I’m just home from a San Francisco Symphony chamber music concert with Yuja Wang. The first half of the program was the Dvorak Piano Quintet, Opus 81, and the second was the Brahms Piano Quintet, Opus 34. The audience applauded between each movement. Not just ones that are so exciting they couldn’t help themselves, but every single movement. It bugged me. It was especially annoying that some had to applaud even before the final notes had sounded fully some of the time. Is this just me being a snob? Is this just me being an old lady? I wonder.

The performances themselves were quite enjoyable. There were some clothing (costume?) choices I found unfortunate, but again, that’s probably just me being too darn picky or something, so I won’t go into all of that here. (I will say, though, that you take away the “must wear black and it must be long” option and you really do open up Pandora’s box!)

Any string players reading this? Have you played those works? Would you think it odd to hear applause after every movement? The players just disregarded it. I would have thought the audience might then have caught on, but they didn’t. And these weren’t just young’uns applauding. The older people in front of me certainly clapped.

Oh well. Guess I’m just a grumpy gus about this.

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Trio for oboe, violin and piano. Composed by Bill Robinson. Joseph Robinson, oboe: Mary Kay Robinson, violin; Thomas Warburton, piano. Premiere performance, Feb. 22, 2011, Nelson Music Room, Duke University.

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Also in Don Giovanni, when something seedy is about to happen, you hear the bassoons rumbling around.

-Peter Whelan

RTWT … and check out the great photo too!

Gee, now why in the world would the bassoon be used when something seedy is about to happen, hmm? 😉

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I’d rather be paid unemployment than getting more money from working!

Written by a musician.

I think it was written in jest, but I have to say I’ve heard people say this and other similar things and mean it. Really.

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Any one no were i can get bassoon or oboe reeds my dad says he will get me either one for a straight A report card so ima go for it but need to be on track first oops forgot 😛

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Jameson is home for a week, so we are enjoying some of our Star Trek Next Generation DVDs. I thought I’d seen ’em all, but if I have, I sure forgot some of them! Like this part of one:

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Aux Champs Elysees – Kartiv2 & Trudbol acapella French multitrack collab (with lyrics)

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The sound an oboe (when played correctly) is probably the most soothing thing to listen to!

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No, my students aren’t deficient! But it’s the time of year where the majority of high school seniors drop private lessons (I only had two this past year, so that’s not too tough to take, although I always hate saying goodbye to them, even while knowing they are off on quite the adventure!) and a large number of students go out of the country (they are much more well-traveled than I … gee, is that fair?! [insert pattywhine™ here]). Some, I am guessing, will not return to my studio, but only time will tell, as they usually don’t like to break that news to me before they leave for the summer. Of the 18 I had during the majority of the year I have six on the schedule for this week. Wouldn’t you know this is also the end of symphony and opera seasons, and Dan is paid only for ten months of the year? Welcome to a musician’s life! But I’ve known about this for eons, so I’m not surprised, and not even tremendously worried; we always seem to make it work! Still, if any of you out there know of some oboe students looking for teachers, do feel free to give them my information, as I’d like to add a few more students to the studio. I especially love getting beginners. I think I have a special talent with them … and I love getting students who haven’t yet played their first note. It’s so much fun to get them started!

At the same time, I will not respond to emails that I receive that look like this (Spam’nScam™ alert!):

I am Ann Sandra,I came across your advert that you are a Private Lesson music teacher, i will like my children to join your private class.Kindly let me know more information about you and your past teaching experience.
I have 2 children Mabel & Scott of 12 & 15 years old,just want to know if they can join your private class. I will want you to let me know if you can teach teens beginner,because as a beginner they are also just interested in learning the basics.Also i will want to know your lesson charges per hour, because i want 16 hours for them to study this course with you,consist one hour lesson a day, twice in a week for 8 weeks. Please let me hear from you so that well make an arrangement on when to begin lessons.

Yep, the scams keep on coming! Sigh.