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Read Online:

If you have ever had an interest in the symphony, but were embarrassed to ask your pretentious friends about it, this app is for you.

Of course once you purchase the app and know all about it you will then be pretentious. Because that’s what happens to anyone who knows about the symphony.


(The app can be found here, but if they had the “pretentious” line there it’s been removed.)


I downloaded the app. It’s not perfect … have to hold the iPad vertically, for one thing. Reading an oboist Michael Pisani’s “meet the musicans” page, they list his “Key Repertoire” as:

Richard Strauss – Oboe concerto Mozart Oboe Concerto Benjamin Britten – Six Matamorphoses

Yep. Listed exactly as I typed it above. I wonder if a musician was asked to proof this stuff? I’m going to guess they have some corrections to make.

I’ll be investigating the app more before I remove it. (Somehow I doubt I really need to learn about the orchestra, but it IS fun to read about the various players they’ve listed. (They currently don’t have many, but I’m guessing they’ll add more eventually.)

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… since I attended the chamber music concert Tuesday, and blogged about it … this was from a while back, but wow, I can’t imagine moving fingers that fast. Of course I also can’t play more than one note at a time!

Here she is more recently:

(Yes, she does love short dresses … and has the figure to pull ’em off. I find it a bit distracting, but I’m silly that way.)

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Cesario Gussago (c. 1550–1612)

That’s so short I really should put up another, yes? (No oboe, though)

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I surprisingly had a reed that lasted 4 years. Don’t ask how, it just did then I accidently broke it before All-State auditions. 🙁

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I just landed on these YouTube videos. You don’t get to see him play, but you get to hear him. Such wonderful playing! I had the honor of having all of one lesson with the man. He was not only a great musician, but was a very kind person as well. I fear that the younger players may never know of this fantastic oboist, so I’m pleased to see these up. His wife, Paula Lifschey, very kindly sent me a CD of his playing at one point — snippets from various works that another oboist had compiled. Perhaps, with her permission, I should someday figure out how to put those recordings up here. (She also sent me a postcard of his artwork. You can see it and others here where you can also purchase them!)

So here … I’ll put up all that omjeremy has on his YouTube page.

Ich habe genug:

Beethoven Symphony No. 3, Marche funebre:

Wedding Cantata (BWV 202):

Wedding Cantata (BWV 202 part 2):

… and I just ran across some Lynn Harrell comments about Mr. Lifschey:

Other than Heifetz’s influence on my string playing, my greatest teacher and mentor was Marc. Musically speaking I think he was the greatest artist I have ever heard. I have studied what he does with rhythm, color , sound, style and breath for nearly 40 years and I haven’t reached the limit yet! How lucky we are to have been witness to such communication!

Marc was one of my strongest influences- a phenomenal artist his solos in my fathers last recording of 2 Bach cantatas stand as the most profound instument playing of all time.

I found these (and more) here.

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Get a load of those recorders at the end of the row!

Canon Recorder Ensemble playing Kriminal Tango

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Getting up seems like a lot of unnecessary effort. Can someone else go to London to tell me if I like the more expensive oboe please?