16. June 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: FBQD

I surprisingly had a reed that lasted 4 years. Don’t ask how, it just did then I accidently broke it before All-State auditions. 🙁


  1. Daniel V. Gurevich

    I have a reed that my teacher gave to me. It is about 10 years old and I have played 3 recitals on it. At the moment, it is my 3rd best reed. My teacher is amazed that it still works. I have many of my teacher’s old reeds. She gives them to me a lot.

  2. Gee, Daniel, I’d love to see THAT reed!

    One problem with using older reeds is that our embouchure gets weaker while we aren’t even aware of it … because older reeds tend to get easier. So just beware! 🙂

  3. Daniel V. Gurevich

    Dear Patty,
    I forgot to mention that it was an English horn reed. The first one that I played on. My teacher specifically gave it to me because it was softer.

  4. Ah, well English horn reeds DO last longer! (Thank goodness!)