The video info box tells us this:

oboe : HyunJung(Amy) Song
2011-28-may Kumho Prodigy concert. Seoul,South Korea
She is 13 years old who live in Seoul.
She studies oboe in Yewon middle school in Seoul.
This is her first solo recital.
Please enjoy it!


I’ve had a number of students, from high school through university level play the Saint Saëns. Whenever I ask them to keep the book closed and play the beginning of each movement by memory (my way of checking to see if they even have a clue what the first note is, for one thing) they act as if I’m insane. Hah!

Saint Saëns:

… and let’s change our outfit, shall we? 😉



This young player is so musical … wow. Just … wow!

Thanks to Robin Tropper for bringing this to my attention.


  1. thanks for your comments.
    I’m father of amy.

    please comment to other plays.

  2. Well hello there, father of Amy!! Please send my congratulations to your very talented daughter! Such wonderful musicianship! Should she ever be in the San Francisco Bay Area she’ll have some fans, to be sure! 🙂