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The oboe is not an instrument that’s always the same when you pick it up like a violin or a flute. Every day it’s different.

-Alex Klein

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oboe .. such a beautiful instrument

Dallas police are calling for the public’s help identifying a pair of thieves with classical music taste.

Ok, so they might not dig classical music, but evidently they see the benefits of some instruments that create classical music.

Police issued a surveillance video of the boys at work at the Brook Mays Music Co. location along John Carpenter Freeway. The heist, according to police, occurred at 5 a.m., June 7.

The video shows one guy smashing the bottom half of a glass door — smart fellow because it would have been way more difficult had he smashed the top half — and both guys scurrying in and out with their ill-gotten gains.


The video below shows the theft and then shows them attempting to pawn the instruments. Geesh!

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Closer to home … Joshua Lauretig is from the Cleveland area and I believe he’s 16 years old. I’ve never heard of the work or composer before, so this is also a “New To My Ears” work.

Josh Lauretig, oboe
Elizabeth DeMio, piano

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The Bandmaster (1931) – Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Sure don’t see bizarre cartoons like this these days!

… I was talking to Jameson about some of the oldies I find on YouTube; I find some that I just can’t put up; the racism is just too much for me.

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Stupid oboe deserves to be blamed!

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Dear Edna:
In terms of advancing a career as an orchestral musician, is it better to take a job of leadership in a lesser orchestra or to take a position as a section player in a better orchestra? -grateful for your guidance

Dear Edna:
If you are in a full-time orchestra and want to audition for another orchestra, should you take the entire week off? If other members of the orchestra find out, could it affect your chances of getting tenure?-Kathy P.

You can read the answers (<—click on that!) to those questions at the Musical America site. If you go here you’ll se more “Ask Edna” entries.