Dallas police are calling for the public’s help identifying a pair of thieves with classical music taste.

Ok, so they might not dig classical music, but evidently they see the benefits of some instruments that create classical music.

Police issued a surveillance video of the boys at work at the Brook Mays Music Co. location along John Carpenter Freeway. The heist, according to police, occurred at 5 a.m., June 7.

The video shows one guy smashing the bottom half of a glass door — smart fellow because it would have been way more difficult had he smashed the top half — and both guys scurrying in and out with their ill-gotten gains.


The video below shows the theft and then shows them attempting to pawn the instruments. Geesh!


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  6. They must have a bass fetish: an upright bass, a tuba, a bass clarinet and bari sax? At least they have good taste 😉

  7. Oh I think they were just looking for the big stuff! 😎