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My mother paid me $1 a day not to argue with her while practicing.

I LOVE it!

Hey … anyone want to pay me $1 a day not to argue with you about practicing?

Do read the entire article. It’s about a violinist who is retiring from the Kansas City Symphony after playing there for 48 years. She’s 70 now.

Let’s see, if I retire after 48 years I’ll be 66 or 67. I wonder if I can possibly last that long!

Update … sorry, but the article has been removed.

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This is a new Hiniker oboe. It is plexiglass, and according to Anne Krabill is available in different colors. This one is, I believe, owned by Peter Hurd.

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Not all that far from my world, though; I’m pretty sure I could actually play this one!

Brad Dutz Quartet: When Manatees Attack
Acoustic Jazz Chamber Music
Composer-Brad Dutz
Perc-Brad Dutz
Bass Clarinet- James Sullivan
Oboe- Paul Sherman
Cello- Chris Votek

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Telemann Quartet in G from Tafelmusik
Il Gardellino (Marcel Ponseele, Sophie Gent, Herve Douchy, Jan De Winne and Shalec Ad-El)

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oboe adjustment in the morning! time for bed

Tim Mangan’s discussion about us performerfolk™ and reviewers continues (so far in a very polite manner, which makes me quite happy; this is how conversations — even disagreements — should take place, don’t you think?). But really now, I know there are readers here, and while many remain silent (Tim, I get VERY few comments here as well!), I know some of you could at least show up on his blog so he would get musicians’ responses. Please? Because I don’t count! 😉 (Just kidding with Tim. Really! But I’ll have you know I count VERY well; rhythm is something I have in me. I think.) Okay … done with the bad jokes … but honestly … maybe THIS will get you to go over there for a visit?:

Professional musicians don’t care two hoots (ha) about music criticism. We have yet to receive a comment from one on this post other than our old friend MarK (patty doesn’t count — she’s a blogger), despite hundreds of readers and an open invitation to do so.

But professional musicians couldn’t care less about music critics and their blogging brethren.

-Tim Mangan

I read it, and more, here. It seems as if the writer faults the performers for the demise of reviewers, but perhaps I’m misreading, as I frequently do. (Hey, misreading and misinterpreting are talents of mine, so I say I should run with ’em!) If you go read the rest you’ll see my little comment. Hope I don’t come across as a jerk!

PS I am in no way “award winning” like Mr. Mangan. Oh well. (But if you want to send me an award I’ll gladly accept it!)

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The film is set in a beautifully re-imagined Venice of the early 1920s, where people have gramophone heads. A young composer called Hero Wasabi lives with Jacuzzi his loyal oboe-playing cat, and is in preparation for the upcoming Abacus Scroll music competition. But when his piano and composition are destroyed by a musical rival, the unscrupulous Count Telefino, Wasabi may be running out of time to write that winning melody.

Yep … seems like one I should see, eh? And I think I need a reed making cat, myself!


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Wow. Just wow. I wish I could just steal an oboe from the school. But then again, I want a good one so.