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Remember my Mr. Nut photos from the Nutcracker run? If you don’t, just click on this to find a few I posted back then. (There were a lot more on twitter!)

Well … friend and French hornist Beth Zare sent me this Craigslist item.

I think Mr. Nut would die of fear, but I sure wish I could have that guy!

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Arrigo Pedrollo (1878-1964) … anyone heard of him before?

Here Lajos Lencsés plays his Concertino per oboe e archi (1960). What a sweet piece!

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Read online:

I’m not here to go to concerts. This is my vacation. When I am here I am not working. Although I may be preparing for an upcoming performance, I’m here to enjoy the beach and time with my wife and family.

-David Zinman


I suppose if I were a well known conductor and I did music as much as Zinman probably does I might not want to go to concerts while on a holiday, but I actually love to go to concerts. It’s really a joy, and I look forward to the day when I’m no longer performing at all, but just enjoying.

Well. Sort of anyway!

Here’s another part of the interview with the conductor:

Making classical music appeal to the masses without compromising artistic integrity is a challenge of which Zinman is well aware.

“It all begins with education,” Zinman said. “As a young person, if you play baseball, you’ll tend to want to go see a professional baseball game. And if you play in a school orchestra or band you’ll want to go hear the professionals play. We all want to emulate our heroes. Sadly, if a school budget has to be cut and you have a football team and an arts program, guess which program gets cut.”

With many recent crossover artists such as tenor Andrea Bocelli, whose wide appeal has clouded the line between classical and popular music, Zinman once again cites the lack of education as the problem.

“Making classical music popular really works against it,” Zinman said. “Classical music has to do with the emotions and the soul.”

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WOW>>> the worst week ever at work… to top it all off my youngest has picked the Oboe to play in band next year. really, the Oboe.. I told her we own a trumpet and a flute. SHe picks an Oboe. Who plays an Oboe.

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I’m too lazy to translate and, besides, it’s easy to figure this out without doing so:

El Grupo de Música de Cámara “Scherzo” interpreta en esta ocasión, el Tango “Desengaño” de Crestenciano Recio, armonizado por M. Repiso.

Flauta: Iria Iglesias Kirsten
Oboe: Alba Yañez Busto
Clarinete: Miguel Repiso López
Fagot: Mario García Díez

Yeah, bad pun. Sorta sorry. Sorta not! 😉

I ran across the audition announcement. that includes three different positions for oboists. Guess I should post this on my audition page, eh? I have not been keeping up with that page at all, and I ‘m thinking aobut nixing it entirely, but we’ll see.

It was fun to see the English horn rep; I’ve played all of these works. Most I’ve played more than once. I’ve played the works on the oboe rep pages as well, although I’ve not played first oboe on most of them. I’ve sure had a wonderful career, getting to play so many wonderful works!

And no, I’m not going to audition. 1) I wouldn’t win 2) I’m too lazy!

Here is the rep for EH (you can see the oboe rep by going here):

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Auditions 2011
Free Choice of Concerto
Orchestral Excerpts:
Dvorak Symphony No’9 “New World” English Horn solo
Respighi Pines of Rome English Horn solo
Berlioz Roman Carnival Overture English Horn solo
Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique English Horn solo
Debussy La Mer English Horn solo
Ravel Piano concerto in G Major English Horn solo
Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez English Horn solo
R.Strauss Ein Heldenleben English Horn solo
Stravinsky The Rite of spring English Horn solo
Rossini William Tell Overture English Horn solo

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is that Woody Allen? playing an oboe?? WHERE ARE YOU???

(here is the picture.)