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Den blomstertid nu kommer
St. Jakobs Kammarkör, Stockholm, Sweden
Cond. Gary Graden; trad. Arr. Gary Graden
Festival Musica Sacra International 2006

(I’d suggest stopping the video when they finish singing, as the applause goes on for a very long time.)

1 The summer days of beauty / in blessedness are come. / The flowers are rejoicing / to feel the gleaming sun / in grace arisen brightly / o’er fields of golden grain / so warm and all restoring, / that nature lives again.

2. The fragrance of the meadows, / the planting in the vale, / the whispers of the forest / through branches green and hale— / these wonders all remind us / how great the stores of wealth / of Him whose hand has made us, / who gives us life and health.

3. Oh, hear the sparrows praise Him / who taught them how to sing— / should not our tongues awaken / and thank Creation’s King? / My soul, take up the anthem / with God’s rejoicing throng / and praise the one who gives you / the lovely summer song.

4. O Jesus, noble Savior, / our source of warmth and light! / Oh, shed Your rays of mercy, / our hearts with love ignite. / When You have set them burning / with holy love for You, / then sin and death are buried / and everything is new.

5. My lovely Rose of Sharon, / come beautify my soul, / and pour the dew of Zion, / the grace that makes us whole. / The Spirit’s light refreshes / uplifting as the dawn, / and robes my soul in beauty / as fair as Lebanon.

6. Bestow abundant harvest. / Oh, bless the planted seed, / that meadows grow abundant / with wholesome grain we need— / oh, let us taste the sweetness / of Your undying Word; / let blessedness and mercy / be shining on us, Lord!

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Shall We Gather At The River
Ken Middleton playing ukelele

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Sylwester Szarzynski: Jesu spes mea