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Let’s go a bit country, shall we? Here are the “Sleepy Man Banjo Boys” … and I must say I’m quite impressed!

Hmmm. I guess I should have a category for the amazing kids I see you YouTube. Someone want to supply a name, or shall I just go with AmazingKids™?

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You all probably know by now that I love playing Piazzolla. I’ve done three works by him: the Suite for Oboe & Strings, Adios Nonino for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Strings, and Oblivion for Oboe and Strings. I’d not heard of this before, though:

Live Recorded in Rapallo. Pianoforte M° Angela Ignacchiti – Clarinetto M° Raffaele Bertolini – Oboe M° Giuseppe Lo Preiato

And shoot … may as well feature the man himself while I’m at it, right? Here he is, playing Milonga del Angel:

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I apologize to all my former teachers when I’ve gone into a lesson trying to fake like I practiced…I think I was punished by this lesson I just had. D**n oboe players

I just read:

There’s no cover charge, but you will have to pay for your beer, tater tots and gourmet hot dogs. And you’ll probably want to be there early, if you want a seat.
But there’s an upside: Unlike most classical concerts, you’re allowed to dine and talk during the show.


Maybe I’m going to sound old fashioned. Maybe I’m just uptight. But when I go to a concert I really really want to listen! If I’m playing something I really prefer that people listen. I just don’t understand wanting to go to a concert but not wanting to listen.

I landed at this YouTube video, but couldn’t continue to watch and listen due to the background noises. Is this our future?

Here’s a short bit of a classical revolution gig:

So many aren’t listening at all in this one.

Gee, come to think of it, I’ve done this sort of thing already! At wedding receptions. At shopping malls, too. So maybe this isn’t so new after all. I was doing shopping malls when I was in my twenties and played in a woodwind quintet. I remember being frustrated. I remember wishing people would listen!

This is not to say I want the rigid rules of the concert hall all the time. Not at all. I really don’t mind a more informal setting. I’d love to play in different venues. I don’t mind if people drink beer or enjoy a good bit to eat.

I just think what we are doing is worth a good listen.

Johannes Ockeghem: Deo Gratias
The Hilliard Ensemble

… and this is a “TwoFerTuesday™” … here’s another version (I this is the Huelgas Ensemble) and I read here that this is a 36 part canon:

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I’m playing in a concert on Thursday. My hair falls over my face but that won’t work when I’m trying to play the oboe 🙁 nooo

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But now I know what it sounds like, I guess …

PS I’m much more interested in what chocolate sounds like. Just so you know.