28. June 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: Videos

Let’s go a bit country, shall we? Here are the “Sleepy Man Banjo Boys” … and I must say I’m quite impressed!

Hmmm. I guess I should have a category for the amazing kids I see you YouTube. Someone want to supply a name, or shall I just go with AmazingKids™?


  1. That’s humbling. I don’t know how much of this my fragile ego can take. Those kids are REALLY GOOD!!

  2. Are they Loretta Lyn’s grand-children or something? Very impressing indeed and I’m very happy to see more and more of these talented, almost athletic young artists in classical music all over the world. Still, they got this way by being taught and spending lots of time practicing! (Less than adults: children absorb much more easily.)

    What I’m really impressed with is that they seem to enjoy the required discipline: that means really healthy family dynamics!

    Also, it’s nice to see “serious country”: artistic and not just commercial!

  3. It’s also quite amazing that they keep tempo (not speed up) when the violin does the off-beat chords! Clean tempo change when the banjo returns: real control!

  4. Yeah, I just loved this video. But of course I have to ask my standard question! “But can they make an oboe reed?”

    Just watch … one of ’em’ll write and say, “Yep!” 🙂