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Pop diva Cher is not usually associated with classical music, but the superstar recently welcomed a group of young Arab classical musicians into her California home.

I read it here

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So … now that we’ve attended our first Ring, Dan and I are already looking at others. A blogging twitterpal (@operaskank) and now friend who, with his wife Ann attended the San Francisco Opera production, said that Seattle Opera will be doing their next Ring Cycle in August of 2013. Ah-hah! Might that be our next?

Trouble is, we can’t get tickets until the donors (of $2500 or more!) get their tickets, and they open them up to us lowly folk in the fall of 2012. I’ll have to put this on my calendar and keep up with it. Or maybe I can get on their mailing list. Of course if they knew about this oboe blog, and they loved oboe, and they took pity on a poor oboe player they’d just beg me to attend, sending me all the comps I want.

Um … right?

Okay. Reality check and truth telling: comps are nice, but I never expect them. I figure if I expect people to pay to hear things I am in, I ought to expect to do the same thing. I grow weary of those who believe they are always deserving of comps.

But I sure would love to be assured I will at least be able to purchase tickets to something like, say, the Seattle Ring Cycle!

In truth I can’t imagine getting free tickets. I am always surprised to hear some bloggers admit they were given comps. I’ve not been able to get on San Francisco Opera‘s radar at ALL (and hey, I’m a huge fan, in case you can’t tell!). I was on San Francisco Symphony‘s radar for a while, and even was invited to a press conference a few years back, but I guess they dropped me. (Weeping buckets here … can you tell?)

Is it something about my reeds? I wonder.

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Many may credit the harmonica as being an outdated instrument in modern music, lying in the musical graveyard between the lap guitar and the oboe.


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Lauren says she needs oboe pads to go with her knee pads

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Bright Morning Stars
The Wailin’ Jennys

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@londonsymphony: Abbey road recording this morning. The label on the mic for the oboe? Guess what we are doing?! http://ow.ly/i/d4t5

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Get you dear child oboe lessons!

I just read this online (ignore the spelling, grammar and missing word issues, as I’m sure this must be a younger student!):

Oboe questions!?!?! please answer!!!!?
i just an oboe 3 days ago and my mom said no private lessons for a while until i know a little bit, b/c there is nobody that offerss completbegin erer so i need to know notes and stuff. ok so here are my ????s

1. what notes should i learn first? i know G,A,B,C. i learned them from youtube.
2. i having a problem with my breathing control. when i play 1 note it sounds like i am playing 2 b/c my pitch is wrong.
3. i play the clarinet and i am 1st chair. and de desided to swich to oboe and sometimes when i play my top lip doesn’t want to stay curled under and it makes a weird sound. i stopped playing my clarinet but i do plan to go back after i get mexperienceance. is there anything else i can do to stop this?
4. what is a good brand of reeds? i am a total beginner so i know i need soft soft or mediumediem bdon’t dont know any good brands.
5. just wondering, how often do you break reeds?

thank you so much for taking the time to read this! no rude comments. constuctive critisium only.

Oh Mom, and all parents, please please please (get it? I’m begging!) get your beginning oboist lessons. The bad habits and incorrect fingerings we oboe instructors have to correct are so darn frustrating and take a long time to correct. A good teacher is essential. Really.

Answer the child here.