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… because our vegetable garden appears to be doing well. (Sadly, so is our weed garden, which has a much larger plot of yard.)

When renowned soprano Antoinette Halloran and her partner, fellow opera singer James Egglestone, rehearse in their backyard studio in Melbourne, it appears it’s not just the neighbours who are listening. The hours of practice have produced an unexpected bonus – thriving vegetables. It seems Antoinette has unknowingly tapped into an exciting new field of plant growth stimuli.


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Got back around 8 exhausted and yet picked my oboe up! CRAZY it’s been probably close to year yet can still play yay!!!!

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Here are some much older WorldReeds™ for you!

Duo Cerantonello
Leonardo Cerante, Bass Cornamuse; Eduardo Antonello, Bass Crumhorn (The curved one is the crumhorn.)
Tielman Susato – Madrigal & Herkulestanz

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It’s cranky oboe night at band practice. Bob the oboe hates humidity. It makes his notes all frizzy.

Anderson & Roe
(I believe I posted this before, but in case you’ve forgotten ….) 🙂