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Jennet is selling a Yamaha 841 Custom oboe. Anyone interested?

Hmm. MY oboe is broken ….

As a double reed player, “playing Wagner’s Ring Cycle means making reeds morning, noon and night for the duration of the series of four operas, as well as in the weeks leading into the season, in order to keep up with the extraordinary number of reeds required.”

-Janet Archibald

You can read the entire article here. (Article has expired.)

I hope Janet is now enjoying a well deserved (and I’m guessing necessary) break! She sounded fantastic in the Ring. Well, except on that one solo when she wasn’t supposed to sound good. 😉

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7 July 1860 – 18 May 1911

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And I’m sure to yours as well! Anyone here heard of Pavel Karmanov before?

This is an interesting one: here you have both contemporary and Baroque instruments. I wonder about intonation issues!

Pavel Karmanov: Twice a Double Concerto
Olga Ivousheykova, baroque flute; Maria Chapurina, Flute; Paolo Grazzi, baroque oboe; Alexei Utkin, oboe; Pratum integrum orchestra; State chamber orchestra of Russia

I couldn’t find a bio of the composer, but then I found this video, a trailer to a movie called “After Bach”, which includes him along with three other composers, Vladimir Martynov, Anton Batagov and Sergei Zagny:

Now I would love to find this movie!

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Remember my horrible (and stupid on my part) broken oboe incident. No? Gee, I wish I had forgotten too.

But it’s a really crummy day when this happens:

Yeah, the darn arm that I had bent so horribly last year has completely broken off. And my dear repairman, Mark Chudnow, is currently out of town. But I have two oboes, and even the broken one works if I don’t mind no trill key. So I will patiently wait for Mark to return, and deal for the time being. (I need to get up to his place in any case, as I need to try oboes out for a student whose oboe was stolen while she was on a youth orchestra tour overseas.

Her sad story reminds me to remind YOU of a few things:

  • Insure your instruments! It (they) may not automatically be covered by a home owner’s policy, so be sure to check that out. (Professionals need special insurance.)
  • If you travel, make sure that insurance still covers your instrument(s).
  • When you travel, don’t check your oboe or English horn as luggage. Carryon ONLY.
  • When you travel, put your instrument(s) in a safe if you leave your room.

I know others may have some guidance on this as well, so feel free to comment!

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Brian Jones (of The Rolling Stones) played the oboe on The Beatles’ “Baby You’re a Rich Man.”


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And just by pushing your red button there’s even access to “Maestro Cams” and “Player Cams” which zoom into the facial minutiae involved in making the engine of the orchestra work: the contorted high-pressure grimace of the oboist; or the sweat-drenched brow of the conductor, perhaps even the odd oath being mouthed in the heat of the symphonic moment.

We look best from a distance, I think! But really, is it a grimace that we make? Sigh. We oboists aren’t, I admit, terribly photogenic when we are playing. Sad, but true.

And if any of us DARE to mouth an oath that gets seen, well … shame on us!


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Oh, I’m not snarking on elecric oboe! It’s much cooler than Violin. Everybody knows the oboists get the babes.

will I get to 61 Ring cycles?! Heh … doubtful. Also doubtful would be getting to that number of countries, Ring or not!

…Parino, now a spry 94, first heard Wagner on the radio when she was about 16 and was mesmerized but it wasn’t until 1971, when she was 54, that she actually saw her first Ring cycle.

She made up quickly for lost time. In the past 40 years, she has travelled to 18 countries and seen 61 cycles in places as far flung as Shanghai and Adelaide….