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Remember my horrible (and stupid on my part) broken oboe incident. No? Gee, I wish I had forgotten too.

But it’s a really crummy day when this happens:

Yeah, the darn arm that I had bent so horribly last year has completely broken off. And my dear repairman, Mark Chudnow, is currently out of town. But I have two oboes, and even the broken one works if I don’t mind no trill key. So I will patiently wait for Mark to return, and deal for the time being. (I need to get up to his place in any case, as I need to try oboes out for a student whose oboe was stolen while she was on a youth orchestra tour overseas.

Her sad story reminds me to remind YOU of a few things:

  • Insure your instruments! It (they) may not automatically be covered by a home owner’s policy, so be sure to check that out. (Professionals need special insurance.)
  • If you travel, make sure that insurance still covers your instrument(s).
  • When you travel, don’t check your oboe or English horn as luggage. Carryon ONLY.
  • When you travel, put your instrument(s) in a safe if you leave your room.

I know others may have some guidance on this as well, so feel free to comment!

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  1. +1 on getting your instruments insured, by a company that specializes in instrument insurance. I had my flute stolen a few years back. Called my insurer, had a payout approved within five minutes, and a check for my declared replacement cost got sent that day. Called my favorite dealer and had a shiny new instrument within a week, and my insurance had paid for itself for a number of years to come. Don’t wait, and don’t bother with a company that doesn’t understand musicians!

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