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From a friend of mine, Beth Zare:

Dear Patty,

Don’t know if blogging about this here will help an oboist in Seattle:

For my musician friends, please read:
For my musician friends, a friend had her house burgled this weekend, and oboes and an english horn were stolen. Please keep you ear open. Details are: Loree Oboe CS 69, Loree Oboe PI 88, Rigoutat Riec English horn (don’t know the serial number yet–it wa…s my daughter’s). It’s possible someone in your or your acquaintances’ circle will be approached with this stuff. They also got reed tools, tuner, and the Renton Community Concert Band folder along with the South Cove Quintet folder.

If I get any more information I’ll be sure and update this!

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For music lovers, some melodies may seem priceless. But if you ever wondered what music is really worth — like the original manuscript to Maurice Ravel’s Bolero? That score and about 200 more, which reside at New York’s Morgan Library, are on sale for $135 million. They are part of the esteemed Lehman Collection — a group of nearly 200 scores that reads like a greatest hits of classical music. Christoph Wolff, a professor of music history at Harvard, calls it “the trophy collection.”

“If you look at the list, you have Bach manuscripts, you have Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, you have Chopin, you have Debussy, Strauss, Bartok and Schoenberg. You know, there isn’t anything like it, especially when it comes to the selected items that are really major works in the history of music,” Wolff says.


Thing is, the collection must stay together, and must remain on display at a public institution. So I think you’ll need to loan me a bit extra so I can build a public institution for them. Okay?

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Gee, did the above get your attention? 😉

Recently I’ve read a few blogs that imply that musicians don’t care and are lazy. Why? Because the bloggers who made those statements weren’t getting comments from musicians. Thus, they determine, musicians either don’t care, are lazy, or both!

Now I do get a few comments on and off here (and I love ’em!) but I never thought people just didn’t care about what they were doing, or the state of our profession, or what a reviewer says, merely because they didn’t respond to something I wrote about our biz, the state of classical music these days, or what a reviewer said, on MY blog. I just assumed that not all that many people read my blog and those that did didn’t feel comfortable commenting. Some of my readers prefer, I know, to remain anonymous. Others might comment, but pretty much stay away from the controversial stuff.

Some of my colleagues have made it pretty plain to me — And yes, I can handle this sort of thing. Well, most of the time! — that this blog is a narcissistic thing to do. (Heck, they’re probably right!) Some think I’m absolutely bonkers for being so honest about my fears and foibles here. (Heck, they might be right too!) And yes, there are also some Luddites who don’t know I have a blog. It’s not something I ever announce to people. They find it or they don’t. The comment or they don’t. I’m fine with “whatever”.

I am weary of hearing that just because an individual blogger doesn’t get comments on her or his blog from performers, “musicians don’t care”. That, to me, comes across as pretty narcissistic too.

Oh well. Rant over and out. (But I’ll bet I hear from some bloggers that I’ve now insulted. So sorry! I’m just saying that the lack of comments isn’t really a way to determine if musicians care or not.) I could write more, but I guess I’ll go take a nap. Because I’m just that lazy.

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(He talks about music from about the start to around 3:41.)

“Real musical engagement can be very important.”

So sticking headphones on your belly when you’re pregnant? Probably don’t want to bother. 🙂

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Played my oboe today for the first time in about…2 years? Weird.

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BWV998: Prelude
Tatsuo Tabei

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I want an oboe more than I want a car. 1. No one uses someone with an oboe and 2. The school ones suck