The Goddess of Spring – 1934 (A Silly Symphony Cartoon)

-removed- sorry, folks, I didn’t watch this carefully. I can’t tell you how many cartoons are offensive due to racism. And those I won’t put up.

(Of course many I put up are rather sexist as well. Hmm. Might be time to nix the Saturday morning cartoon thing. I’m gonna think this one over ….)


  1. Oh, My! I do believe I doth detect a touch of racism in that one, whaddya think?

  2. Oh dear … I usually watch carefully all the way through, but sometimes I miss things. I’ll take that one down. Most of the time I catch those … there are TONS of the older cartoons that are pretty darn awful. I’ll bet I have others I need to watch again, paying more attention. Thanks, Bob! (I hope you get this even while I’ll be taking the cartoon down.)