My senior year of high school, I’m currently a junior in college so I have improved will defiantly play all three movements again the next time I record….

I’m not always defiant, but I can understand that behavior when doing recordings. They bring out the rebel in so many of us.

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Louisville, as I write, is emerging from bankruptcy protection. Syracuse, which I visited in deep doldrums last winter, is trying to form a new part-time orchestra. The sacked musicians of Rio have regrouped as an independent ensemble. You can shut a theatre but you cannot keep a good orchestra down. There will always be an audience for what it has to offer.

And why is that? Because in a lifestyle of wall-to-wall wi-fi and instant tweets, the concert hall is one of the few places where we become reachable, where we can switch off our lifelines and surrender to a form that will not let us go for an hour or more. The symphony orchestra is our relief from the communicative addiction. It forces us, willy-nilly, to resist the responsive urge. It is a cold-turkey cure for our reactive insanity, our self-destroying restlessness.The more concerts I attend, the more I see how they restore balance to over-busy lives. It may well be that we, as a society, need the symphony orchestra now more than ever before. How we pay for it will have to be reconfigured over the next two or three difficult years, amid challenges from rival art forms and digital distractions. There has never been such heated competition for every nanosecond of our supposed leisure time.

But after 30 years’ close observation of orchestral ups and downs and half a century after the Arts Council pronounced that London needed just one super-orchestra, I have reached the irreversible conclusion that the symphony orchestra will always survive — not on the weary old argument that it is somehow “good for you” to listen to “good music”, nor on any cod theories that classical music breeds clever kids and better citizens, but simply because there is a cogent human need for what an orchestra adds to the relief of city life. That need becomes ever clearer as the world speeds up.

-Norman Lebrecht


Update … okay, sometimes I do funny typos. I just corrected “Norman”, as I had typed it “Normal”! Yes, that made me laugh. At myself.

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My dad is playing bagpipes while I’m trying to listen to oboe music.

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I’ve given up trying to play the Marigaux that I usually play. I guess it’s more than a broken trill key that is an issue; it just feels out of sorts to me. Or maybe the broken mechanism does cause other problems on the oboe. In any case, it’s not fun to play, so I’m back to the other Marigaux. The issue with that one is that it’s a much older instrument and the reed well is a bit smaller so some reeds simply won’t fit unless I shave away a bit on the cork of the staples and I’m not willing to do that. Sigh. See what a difficult life I lead? You never knew, did you?

I do wonder if this is the end of my main guy. It IS quite old, but I don’t really buy into the whole “played out” thing. Still, could it be that it’s just too weak to keep working on? Dunno. I DO know that if I had money to spare I’d give the Marigaux M2 a try. (No, I don’t have to have a Marigaux, but there’s a part of me that feels rather loyal to the make since it’s suited me so well for so long.

For now, though, I will deal with my other baby, and see if I can’t get some reeds that fit into it working. I just hope to hear from Mark Chudnow soon … and I’m praying he’ll be willing to take my oboe into his care as quickly as possible. (He’s a busy man.) If not … well … I actually am not sure what I’ll do about this.

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Ladysmith Black Mambazo

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In Chicago:

Check out the campers … just yearning to get in to the school! FOUR days ahead of time, camping out?! Wow.

You think music doesn’t matter? Think again!

& did this make me cry. Yes. It did.

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An oboe can be more dangerous than one hundred arrows.